Clodagh is a designer and fabricator with endless curiosity and a short attention span. She is a firm believer that the world is better in black and white, and for some reason has decided to write this in the third person.

She is currently actually utilising her degree in Interaction design as a contractor in Cork, IE.

Previously, she has run a fab lab in Utrecht,NL. Taught teenage girls to build robots in Ras al Khaimah, UAE. Taught undergraduates to 3D model in Limerick, IE and otherwise taken any design project that came her way.

She finished her MSc in Interaction Design in 2016 and learned that she does not enjoy writing academic papers.

She has been venting to the internet in the form of a blog on and off since 2013, halfway through her BSc in Product Design. Her passions are travel, feeling aggrieved for no reason, photography and the way she looks.  There is an over use reaction GIFs and she has been described as “the Jedi of sarcasm”, “The meanest teacher ever” and “Irrationally proud of being left-handed”. She makes no apology for any of these things. Despite attaching it to her portfolio, this blog is in no way considered a representation of her professional self.

Contrary to her feeling like she has just written he own obituary, she is not dead. She is alive and always open to wild career re-directions so if you have any ideas, get in touch! Use any of the social media or contact links below.