I post once a year, this is the post.

2021 was a really strong year for my maintaining goals. I was more successful than I’ve ever been, and all it took was not being able to go outside. In 2022…less so. The world opened up, I came off antidepressants and my discipline went out the window. However, despite the lack of Lexapro in my system, I am still hopeful for the new year.

Miss you babe

It’s a new year, we need a new list. Filled with mostly old goals. I’m again not going to post the list because its less embarrassing when I crash out mid-year and achieve nothing if no one knows about it, and it has never served to motivate me so there’s no upside. I’m not going to post last years list because I don’t think it’s going to do my self-esteem or motivation any favours to specifically detail all of the things I wanted to do last year and didn’t.

Learning from my productive year, I’ve kept the majority as trackable, progressive goals. Sweeping statements are not the way forward. The only un-signposted one is ‘Do a handstand’ which I mostly just keep around for old times’ sake at this stage. Focusing on spending time not looking at a screen, and using up arts and crafts materials I’ve collected over the years. I need to start wearing eyeshadow or binning it.

Contrary to both of those, I’ve gone digital with my planner this year. Having the copy/paste functionality is just too tempting. I got a Surface laptop a few months ago, the pen is really nice to use and it means I can check my planner from my phone. Plus all those empty notebooks I have filling a bookshelf since I was 16 are *too nice* to use anyway.

I’m also turning thirty this year so I’ve got a whole other list to also wrap up by July, and a new one to write for my 30s. A whole new decade of disappointment. If my doctor is reading, this is a joke, I’m fine.