30 before 30

30 before 30

If you search on Pinterest for inspiration for goals/ new year’s resolutions at least half the results will be 30 before 30 lists. That is because, as we all know, once you hit thirty your life is over. You cease to be a young person and therefore your achievements stop being impressive or fulfilling. But I like the idea of a decade by decade list to make wilder requests of myself than can be achieved in the space of a year.

By the time I’m putting together this list, I am already 26, and in the midst of an Pandemic that’s going to last an indeterminable amount of time, so trying to be realistic.

  1. Start a pension
  2. Run 5k in under 30min
  3. Own my own home
  4. Go to the cinema alone
  5. Go to the dentist
  6. Go to therapy
  7. Volunteer for CoderDojo
  8. Host a dinner party
  9. Get a new cert/diploma
  10. Attend Eurovision
  11. Get back into ballet
  12. Get involved in musical theatre
  13. See the Northern Lights
  14. Design and build (with a capital G) Gown
  15. See Ireland play live
  16. Fly first class
  17. Ski
  18. Fire a gun
  19. Get a second pair of Louboutins
  20. Learn piano
  21. Finish a marathon
  22. Get a cervical smear
  23. Learn to ice skate
  24. Shave my head
  25. Visit 30 countries
  26. Visit every continent
  27. Yacht week
  28. Get a pet
  29. Trace family tree
  30. Earn over 75k in a year

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