Iceland – South Coast Day Trip

The final day took us back to the south coast, but not nearly as far along


This is the stop for interactive waterfalls. You can walk right under it (so long as you don’t mind getting a little wet). Gljúfrafoss is nearby here, but the road is barely a road and this was a trip that our little Aygo wasn’t going to manage. If you’re travelling without a 4×4, you can walk to Gljufrabui, which is a similar but smaller waterfall in a canyon.


To the right of the falls is a staircase of several hundred steps (I’ve read a few different numbers between 300 and 450). The view of Skogafoss from above is absolutely not worth the nightmare of climbing them. The trail you can take in the mountains from the top is supposedly good, but we didn’t have the 3hrs to spare so all I have to take away from the climb is regret.


Probably one of my favourites of the trip, aside from actually being able to see through my glasses today, we were able to walk much closer than Skaftafellsjokull. Standing on a real life glacier is not an experience you can have in that many parts of the world.

Solheim Plane Wreck

The sign will tell you that the hike takes 3-4hrs. If it takes you over an hour each way, I judge you. This was one I was excited for, the eerie photos of the plane wreck are some of my favourites. So it was disappointing to find the site literally crawling with tourists. I understand getting your photo with the plane, but people having full on photoshoots with props and costume changes? I have had to edit the same two people out of every shot I have because they remained sitting on the plane the entire 20-30 minutes we were there. When you’re photographing at tourist spots, be respectful of everyone else around you, or at the very least fucking aware of them.


The last bit of Iceland we saw was Reynisfjara beach. Black sand was almost passé by now but I still highly recommend a visit to the beach. The rock formation and the waves are incredible. Even in the misty rain of October the sea at Reynisfjara is a sight.