Iceland – Golden Circle

Day 2 we hit the highlights of “The Golden Circle”. If you only have one day to see Iceland, this is the recommended route. We didn’t catch everything on the circle, in the interests of preserving energy for days 3 and 4. We skipped Laugavatn baths because the entry cost didn’t seem worth it.


This was my favourite waterfall of the trip. The whole walk is stunning. So stunning, we almost left early because we thought we had already reached the waterfall. We hadn’t. It was just a bit of the river along the way. It’s so blue!


There is no hike for Gullfoss, it’s right by the car park.
To extend a little further, you can go on to Haifoss, but researching for us went as far as “7.5km of gravel road” and we closed that tab because our Toyota Aygo wasn’t going to handle that well.

Kerid Crater

I didn’t go all the way around because the winds were strong and I am small so didn’t fancy being on the wrong side at the mouth of a crater. I did take the steps down to the bottom where the winds were considerably less, but the stones were slippy so I fell on my arse twice.