To Blog or not To Blog, That is the Question. Again.

I am famously terrible at keeping promises to myself but I once again I find myself doing next to nothing with my time. So, not for the first time, I spent an afternoon mapping out an extensive long term self improvement plan that I will absolutely never stick to. But there are 15 weeks left in this year and I can manage 15 weeks.

If I can’t post once a week for those 15 weeks, then I’m going to cancel my hosting. I am spending too much money on something I’m not using. I haven’t written consistently since 2016 and I am at a point where I’ve got to decide whether I’m doing this or not. Blogging is an aspirational side-hustle for me, but if Im not working on it it’s not going to happen. I enjoy writing, I’m good at it and I know it’s beneficial to my mental health. But when I sit down to write, the internet seems so over saturated on basically every topic that writing anything seems mostly pointless. It’s all been done before.

In college, my life was varied enough that my little diary gave me something to write about. Five different classes, multiple projects and independent scheduling was an ideal life-blogging situation. And I was still barely scraping a post a week out. I am well entrenched in the working world now and my day-to-day is repetitive and also not my intellectual property, so it’s harder to just post a “Here’s what I did this week!”. So I need a new angle, one that doesn’t feel done to death. One that I can add something to. One that could potentially yield some kind of income in the future? (It’s 2019 and I don’t want to make videos, so it’s never going to make me rich, but some ROI would be nice.)

And I have 15 weeks to figure out what the fuck it is.

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