Niche, please.

For the record, I hate when people pronounce niche like ‘nitch’, but the proper pronunciation is much harder to pun.

Anyone who has read more than any three posts I’ve ever posted here knows I love to set goals for myself. I make detailed plans about how to achieve them with calendars and spreadsheets. And the colour-coding, oh the colour-coding! My follow-through rate is somewhere in the low 20’s percentage, but I made my peace with that years ago.

I love my planner, it is one of my most prized possessions. Planning is probably my favourite thing to do and if you’re enjoying the time spent then I don’t believe it’s time wasted. So if nothing else, I have a happy afternoon making the plan that I never look at again. On top this, I have that twenty-something success rate. Every time I make a list of 10 things, and only last a week before I forget it exists, I achieve two things I otherwise wouldn’t have. My commitment might be short lived, but it does live. A news years resolution abandoned in February is still four weeks of a positive habit.

In accordance with my love of plans, I decided to make one for these 15 weeks (14 now) of blogging I promised myself. I’m not especially interested in finding a niche, but I figured it could help with jumping off points so I googled around and found some of the most popular blogging niches. After removing the ridiculous ones, like parenting, I came up with a list of ten to use when I’m lacking inspiration. In no particular order:

  • Tech Blogs
  • Personal Finance
  • Health and Fitness
  • Personal Development
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Home Decor
  • Arts and Entertainment

Maybe I’ll find one that suits me, probably not. But this is the plan. And I do love a plan.

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