Iceland – A Four Day Itinerary

The first on my list of “try all the blog types” is travel. I hadn’t been to a new country in over two years. (Unless you count Slovakia for work, which I don’t.) But this changed last week, I made a very, very long anticipated trip to Iceland.

It was a self drive with nothing but google as our tour guide, I went out with a list of the top stops for each route and we ended up hitting almost all of them. You can’t have too concrete of a plan heading to Iceland because of the weather, but it worked out for us on all but one day. Wifi came with our rental car, which was good because of our two phones, one couldn’t get a GPS signal and the other couldn’t get a data connection. We picked a direction per day and see what we could see along the map.

Standard rules for Icelandic place names
– “Fell” is usually a mountain
– “Foss” is a waterfall
– “Vatn” is a lake (literally translates to water)
– “Jokull” is a glacier

It was a four full day trip, which we spent as such:

  1. The City+
  2. The Golden Circle
  3. South Coast, The Long Game
  4. South Coast, The Short Game

I will absolutely be back, either in a February to see it in all it’s snowy glory, or in a summer to visit the western fjords and hopefully catch the arctic foxes. Or both. It wasn’t at all as expensive a I thought it was going to be and it’s a nice distance flight if it isn’t with Transavia.