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Emigration II

Are you there internet? It’s me, Clodagh.

I’ve been awful quiet for a very long time on here, but this past 18 months have been weird and I’ve had no idea how to articulate what’s in my head. 

I tend to write to you at the beginning of things, with grand plans of sorting my shit out that will inevitably fall through. Now is not really any different. As I believe I documented, I upped and left the UAE for stress related reasons. What went undocumented was my securing of a job in, and subsequent moving to the Netherlands.

I now work twice as many hours for half as much money, but I no longer go to bed at night with a tiny part of me hoping I don’t wake up. So, pros and cons. I am design and tech lead at a fab lab now, and while I will sincerely miss teaching, it’s nice to not be nauseous 80% of the time. 

It cannot be said enough that the UAE is an incredible place and I encourage anyone with the chance to experience at the very least visiting there. As much as I didn’t enjoy aspects, I will never regret it. There are few things I can say have really changed my view of the world but the UAE did. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have lived somewhere so entirely different from what I knew and to experience the current political climate from inside a Muslim country. I miss ALL my girls in Ras al Khaimah, and I am already counting down the days to a trip back for brunch.

But Christ have I missed the cold.

From a country where DIY is an alien concept to one with a craft store on every corner. From a job that was very much about putting up and shutting up, to one where I have entirely too much control. My hair is pink, my hands are cut to ribbons, and children, there is hope in my heart.

Watch this space.

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