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Hello, it has been 12 months and 4 posts since January 1st 2017, and it is time once again to look back on my resolutions and make some new ones. Working with children has meant I can’t be as public with my work as I like to be and the blog has suffered for that. At least that is the excuse I’m going with. This annual feature is probably the most consistent thing about me and I am going to cling to that.

Take 365 Photos of 2017

Obviously “photo a day” went out the window the second my life became school-netflix n’cry-sleep-repeat, but I did get some great shots during the summer and I adopted instagram stories in a big way, so I’m not counting this as a total fail. C+.

Hit 500 Insta followers

Blaming school again, but I’ve actually lost about 20 followers over the course of this year, and now I’m private, so it won’t be changing anytime soon.

Take Better Care of your Nails

Does paying a Vietnamese woman to do this for me count? To be fair I actually haven’t even been to see her since June…

My nails are fine.

Visit at least 5 new countries.

Hit 9 thank you very much.

New Phone, Laptop and Camera

Check, check and check.


Probably should have put a solid number on this to make it count but I didn’t so I can say yes to this without reproach.

Don’t slap, swear at or sass a child

I didn’t. At least not in an offensive way. Being sarcastic to children is the only thing that keeps me going these days, and if you say it quickly enough with a smile on your face it goes straight over their heads anyway.

Hold a handstand for a full minute

I put one of these in most years, and every time I completely forget about it until I’m writing this.

Still Blog

“I’m adding a caveat that, to be deemed successful at the end of the year, you have to have posted at least twice a month.”

Moving on…

Never apologise for not posting again

Screw you I like apologising. Without the apologies I’d have even less to write



If I add up all the bits I get about 6 out of 11. Plus I bought Louboutins, so as far as I’m concerned, life achieved.

To 2018, another year where a lot of things are going to change, but hey, who settles in their 20’s? This years #goalz for you(me) include:

Find a job you like

It ain’t this one.

Gain 10kg

Continuation of a long running goal to put back on all the weight lost to stress at the beginning of last year.

Reduce Phone time

Install one of those tracker apps and aim for less than 3hrs screen time a day.

Visit at least 3 new countries

Continue as you mean to…continue.

New ear piercing

It’s been nearly 2 decades since you had your ears pierced, and despite a pinterest board full of inspiration you haven’t had a new hole made in you since.

Start making again

Create 52 new things, photography, makeup, fashion, graphics, whatever just projects to stop you going insane.

Hit 500 Insta followers

Go back public and recover from the damage of having to protect childrens rights.

Start cooking regularly

You’re turning 25, grow the fuck up. At least once a week, make something that doesn’t involve the words “instant” or “frozen”.

Like more instagram posts

It’s free and makes people happy, make it rain double taps!

Don’t cut hair (again)

You did it once, you can do it again.

Hold a handstand for a full minute

If you keep writing it down, maybe one of these years it’ll happen

As always, I remain cautiously optimistic

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