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The Day I Decided to Quit

27th October. A while ago now, but obviously I had some people to tell before I alerted the internet. Hashtag maturity and all that.

I’m getting out, heading back west, escaping while I’m still sane.

I have had my fill of children, and as of next year, after one last term here, I will (inshallah) be in an office/studio/lab, with grown ups…somewhere. My health, both physical and mental, is taking a serious hit from teaching, and no amount of money is worth being so incredibly unhappy. I hate this.

I still love the UAE, but it’s overhauled education system is still in its infancy and it’s too much for someone with zero class room management experience. The reason I have no class room management experience? Because that is not what I went to college for. The reason its not what I went to college for? Because I didn’t want to work with children. I have never wanted to work with children. I have never wanted to spend time with children. They’re so loud. And messy. And determined to hurt themselves.

I understand an entirely new education system for a whole country is going to have some kinks to work out, but these kinks are affecting my ability to do the job. When young women in engineering is a cause close to my heart, it’s very frustrating to know that I’m playing a role in ruining it for these girls. I’m sick of ‘managing’ and being told to  ‘do my best’, I want to be good at what I do. I’m sick of questioning how I got where I am, why I continue to be there and how in the name of god have they not fired me yet?

I am also sick of my natural hair colour and could never have anticipated how much I would want to pierce my entire head as soon as they told me I couldn’t.

So I am back on the market, officially seeking new opportunities, available as of April.

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