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Normal is Coming

I have to go back to work on Monday…

Granted there will be no kids in sight until the 10th but reality is coming up fast. Or the Dubai equivalent of reality, whatever that is. I’ve been back a total of two days, the heat is unbearable, but I am determined to live up to promises made in my previous post.

I don’t know how many times I’ve “gotten my life together”, I even give up trying to count the number of times I’ve posted about how I’m getting organised and this is is totally the time. But here I am again.

I’ve always really liked the “One day or day one” quote, but my day 1 usually gets as far as day 6 and fizzles out because I stop caring. I consistently start large scale projects and abandon them because I don’t hold myself accountable. I have no shortage of motivation, but I lack anything even resembling self-discipline. I don’t have anything different I’m doing this time, in fact I just edited charts and calendars I still had saved on my computer to line up with my new plans. Try and try again.

My new elaborate plans are three-fold:

    1. Financial – I make a lot of money. Apparently I also spend a lot of money. I’m not going to pretend that I’m going to stop spending, one of the deciding factors in taking this job was being able to own my first pair of Louboutins before I’m 25 (the plan is December), but I have set specific and reasonable savings goals so that I come home with something to show for my two years of dealing with little monsters.
  1. Fitness – I have wanted to gain weight for the past three years, for the past two I’ve been moving backwards. I essentially quit exercise in 2014, and lost any muscle I ever had. While using cookies and alcohol as a coping mechanism kept me in the high 40’s through my FYP, my masters year and in particular the stress of teaching has made me skinnier than I’m comfortable with. I need to start repeatedly lifting heavy things and for the first time in my life, paying attention to what I eat. I want to weigh 55kg in 12 months time, roughly 10kg heavier than I am right now.
  2. Career – I want to work in a freelance/consultant capacity. I want to work with fashion tech. I need to make these things happen.

These are all incorporated into a five and ten year plan, along with some personal life goals, with shorter term targets along the way. The first of which is a 90 day check in. From 1st September to 30th November I am making a concerted effort to as disciplined as possible.

I do think my continued faith in my self-discipline is quite a positive character trait. I am eternally optimistic.

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