Mood Swings Abound

Life choices I made this week include deleting the LinkedIn app to make room for Pokémon Go and opting to order enough fabric to clothe several elephants. Naturally you assume someone who so clearly has it together would be above things like mood swings, alas no. The last 26hrs or so have been quite the rollercoaster.


Yesterday was going alright-ish, until I got an email from my supervisor describing my Lit Review as “not OK”, so then I was not OK, and proceeded to put on my onesie and go to bed with a litre of ice-cream. At four in the afternoon. That was that for the entirety of the night.


This morning though, was a new day. Well it was after the post arrived, before that I was still in bed, approaching my fourth hour of watching old John Oliver rants on youtube. An informative but ineffective use of time. But the post brought with it my Pimoroni order, and something within me decided to cop on. And it was glorious. Thanks to the good people who staff Pimoroni and Adafruit, coding the Raspberry Pi program was a genuinely pleasant experience. Considerably more pleasant than writing the English language side of my thesis.


Taken by this swell of accomplishment, I began looking into the possibility of setting up an API/SQL to the site again, because I am clearly a technological genius and all things are possible. I borderline skipped into college to do some CSS styling a few hours ago, and it is around here that the day took a turn. Half three is obviously not a time of day that agrees with me. I am still here in college, having just finished implementing a Google map into a page of the site demo. It took three and a half hours. This is not a difficult task. Technically the map itself was not an issue, but for whatever reason, when I tried to edit some of the code, the site would respond with “Oh, you want to add a second marker? And custom icons? I can’t even” *SPAZ ATTACK*.


But it now shows up and I wish the internet had never been invented.

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