Suffering for My Art

To see the un-photoshopped version of this click here, because I think what I did with it is quite impressive.

I call this one “Dignity”

Against all odds, this is actually a thing that exists in the world right now. “Totally finished on Saturday” turned into “One skirt and may never walk again on Saturday”, when I pulled a muscle in my back and had to waddle home after about 6 hours work and lie down. I didn’t get up for a full 24 hours. It would seem that I have reached an age where crouching on the floor all day gluing newspaper together is no longer an acceptable pastime. The loss of those days led to a bit of panic (and pain) Monday and Tuesday. But it got done.

Not that the stress stops there. I don’t know why I volunteer things, but I do it. I think I just like to martyr myself. I could have been finished with this project on Wednesday morning, but no. “I’ll do the catalogue, no problem”. “What? Thesis? No, I don’t actually want a degree”. Putting together the actual booklet wouldn’t be a problem, but getting other people to send you their stuff is trying to get blood from a stone. It’s Friday and Flat Pack Museum is still my first priority. This is why I hate people who aren’t me.

I’m venting at people who really don’t deserve it, I appreciate the deadline and brief were very fuzzy and you got stuff going on. I just had a frustratingly unproductive day yesterday and I have so much to do. With that in mind I’m going to stop spending time on this and go back to waiting for people to email me.

If you’re interested in seeing it live, Flat Pack Museum runs in the Hunt Museum for three weeks starting next Monday. We hope.

Here are some photos of the build to tide you over until, wait for it, WEDNESDAY! When there will finally be a follow up to Thesis Diary.

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