Getting Organised

This week was mid term break, an opportunity to structure my time as I want and  a trial run for how  the summer is going to go. Now, if you have been reading since before Christmas, you will be aware that structure and I have not always gotten along. But I’ve been getting better the past few months and I am an eternal optimist, so as I do in any time of stress, boredom or day that ends in a Y, I planned.May
What I set out to get done:

  1. HTML5/Js Project
  2. PureData Project
  3. App Design Midterm
  4. Arduino/Processing Project
  5. Updates to Website
  6. Start writing thesis.


What I actually achieved:

  1. HTML5/Js Project.
  2. App Design Midterm
  3. Finally added content to the Graphic and Product design pages
  4. Started writing thesis. (42 words and counting, 14 of which are the title.)
  5. Gave my hair the protein treatment its been craving for weeks now.
  6. Caught up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Which basically sums up my life, highly ambitious, but lacking the motivation to actually see it through.

I actually don’t think the result is too awful, especially considering the Hunt catalogue continued to haunt me right up until yesterday. Having started to put any words at all down for thesis feels like a massive weight off, and I’m now at least clear on what I want to achieve with  Arduino and Processing, which is more than I could say on Monday. My past self found it hilarious to put it in my to do list as this. Still iffy on PureData because I really don’t like it as an interface and do not find it’s capabilities in the least bit inspiring. It just seems like an ugly form of Processing.

All in all, B+ Clodagh, could do with improvement.

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