Reading for Two

Unsurprisingly there was no dedicated Wednesday thesis post this week because I can’t handle structure. Meanwhile my “sometime between Thursday and Monday” post is coming to you within the same 2 hour window for the 4th consecutive week. I think I spent more time writing about my blogging schedule than I do anything else.

This past few weeks seem to have aged me. And not in a bad way, curling up with a mug of Ovaltine and a stack of journal papers is fast becoming my favourite way to spend an evening. I’m slowly trudging through my Mendeley saves and working out what’s actually of use to me. I take back everything I said about academic reading. At least when it comes to wearable tech and addiction studies. They’re sort of my jam now. This whole lit review thing might not actually be so bad.

Speaking of growing as a person, I took a major step this week and put a presentation design in someone else’s hands. Granted in was Manasi’s very capable hands, but 12 months ago, letting someone else take the mouse would have been unthinkable. If I’m not the one picking the fonts then what else do I have to offer? Ideas apparently, and research skills. Who knew?

Pity research skills aren’t helping me with the blasted flat pack dress. I know I’ve only been seriously working on it for about a week now, but I hereby declare paper the least cooperative of all the materials. Its squishes, it slips, it tears and does basically anything but fold along the crease you want it to. I never felt like I picked up a lot of competencies during my time in Product Design, but I should definitely have a grip on this paper nonsense by now.

Just as a round off here are some photos from my week. . . studying for an advanced degree.

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