Pretty Dresses

The second I loosen my posting schedule, I suddenly become capable of military discipline.  Every Friday afternoon for the last three weeks.

Pic via Pinterest and apparently nowhere else on the internet

It’s so pretty. And it is what I am going to be attempting for Flat Pack Museum. It is the Blue Hyacinth evening gown by Sybil Connolly, or at least a maquette (miniature mock up) of it. Maquettes are the next step on from sketching, to show the client commissioning the project what it is their paying for, before investing the time and materials in a full size piece for them to turn around and hate. This tiny picture of the full size piece and the image above are the only visual evidence of it on the internet, so I’m looking forward to getting back to the Hunt Museum to do a bit of sketching and take a few photos of my own. I hadn’t heard of Sybil Connolly before the project, but information on her life and work is significantly easier to come by. She was the first Irish woman to make a dent on the fashion world and designed for everyone form Jackie Kennedy to nuns. Design research is so much easier to do when you like what you’re researching. The plan is to build it from paper, using the magic of origami, without turning against paper for life. Our exhibition opening is the 21st of March, which is not as far away as I think it is, and while I’m not a total beginner at origami, I’m a long way off constructing a replicable dress.

What Clodagh does during exams.

I’m spending more time researching this than my thesis right now, even though that too is about looking at dresses, although to be fair this is due first. Other modules aren’t even competition, not just because they don’t involve pretty dresses, but they’re not asking that much of me. Actually not true, there is plenty I could be doing with Javascript and Pure Data, but none of it’s due until week 15, so that feels like a problem for 10 weeks from now. I’m sure mobile app design will speed up, and when it does I’ll complain about that, but right now it feels like Java for backwards people.

Everyone say hi to Maire, she’s visiting me from the wilds of Kerry this week.

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