Beauty and the slightly less Beautiful|Thesis Diary


The artist and the engineer within me are at war.

My rational side understands that I have a background and skills in product design and usability. It understands that I got into this degree with the intention of developing my UX/UI design abilities. But things change, I’ve changed, and there is a side of me that wants to let her freak flag fly and build a big haute couture masterpiece of insanity, that you wouldn’t actually be able to sit down in, but would look wonderful at exhibition. And at the end of the day, that is where my thesis project will have it’s moment, at exhibition. But there is also the distinction between MA and MSc to think about. It shouldn’t matter but it does, it really, really does.

From a research perspective, both are plausible in the realm of reacting to social media/ smartphone usage. It will just depend on whether it’s at a personal or public level. I have at least been able to make head way in establishing there are problems with excessive smartphone use and disconnection from reality in academic references. So there’s evidence to support my wild assumptions, or my thesis, if you will.

Of course you have no idea what I’m talking about, because I haven’t updated the thesis page in about 2 weeks and its changed 20 times a day since then. It’s going to be a dress and it’s going to discourage/draw attention to anti-social smartphone use in some way. Beyond this all I’ve got is a Mendeley folder that is quickly growing past the point of being useful and I need a supervisor to make decisions for me help me make decisions, or at the very least, shush me and tell me it’s all going to be OK. I need a grown up.

Picking posting back up to twice a week, because the second all-consuming, sanity ruining project of my short life warrants its own space. I will shoot for Wednesdays, but we know how my scheduling has worked out in the past. Posting on my inspiration, my issues, my progress or lack thereof. “FYP 2 – Now with more chance for electrocution.”

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