Art for Art’s Sake

Did you know that porcelain is called china because that used to be the only place it came from? People in Europe would send off for their dinnerware and just sort of hope it survived the trip back. Willing to bet a lot of people lost a lot of money on that one.

Anyway, what’d I do this week?

  • Well, I updated the shit out of this website. All of last semesters media can now be found under the creatively named, “Media” tab, this semesters computing will be found (once I actually do any of it) under “Build” and I put a few assorted other things from outside iMedia under “Design” because I was too lazy to recode the spacings for having six menu items instead of seven. It’s forced me to come to terms with my extraordinarily limited range as an illustrator, and the fact that I am still significantly more proud of it and my graphic work than I am any of my product design. Bachelors degree be damned. P.S. Don’t look at the graphic or product pages, I haven’t gotten that far yet.


From my “Oh-God-college-is-over-and-I-have-no-purpose-in-life” period.
  • I took a trip to the Hunt Museum, and I can’t believe I’ve never been in before. Actually that’s a lie, I can totally believe it because I’ve spent the last four years of the opinion that art was a waste of time and resources. But I no longer feel as if my soul is being slowly chipped away at by my degree program, so I have a generally sunnier outlook on life. I can’t remember if I mentioned the Flatpack Museum before (“You could just flick to the next tab where you have the site open and read last weeks post Clodagh” “I could“) , basically the deal is, we pick an object in the Hunt collection and make a flatpack version of it (paper/perspex/etc.). In conjunction with my limited illustration range, I pretty much immediately decided to pick something by Sybil Connolly. This has forced me to come to terms with the fact that I really, really like pretty dresses, which would be fine except that I’m spending a lot of time and money studying every kind of design other than fashion.
  • I played the not-at-all-new Twenty One Pilot album Blurryface to absolute death, followed by their entire discography.
  • Mobile App Design has a lecturer! And he has cancelled the Monday morning lecture in favour of a double lecture on Tuesday, meaning I will no longer have to drag myself all the way over to the Health Science building! It’s really far away. And I have such tiny feet. Learning Java and C at the same time may genuinely melt my head, but until the day it happens I shall carry on.

I like numbered list posts, they make it easy to write lots with out having to think of connections between ideas or give the paragraphs any kind of flow. I finally understand Buzzfeed.

Also, my wonderful cousin has launched herself on the blog world, and I need her to stay encouraged so I can have blogger friends,  so check out Dime Eyes for make-uppy things.