A letter to the me that exists from tomorrow until Dec 31st 2016,

As we leave 2015 behind us along with it’s ups and downs, we reach the time of year when people resolve to change things about themselves. Obviously, you don’t need changing, so these are not resolutions. They are rules.

  1. Stop pretending you post on Sundays.
  2. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Take Contemporary Art instead of Physical Computing.
  3. Don’t buy a new phone, you don’t need a new phone, what you need is money. Every 12 months is not a reasonable turnover.
  4. You and white wine are done-skis.
  5. Keep the “Not to be opened until August 1st” sign on the bleach bottles. Your scalp needs the break.
  6. Get your cholesterol checked. You eat literally a kilo of cheese a week, you’re probably dying.
  7. Rowing, running, fuck it, go back to ballet, but do something. The stairs in the CSIS do not qualify as exercise and your legs are getting scrawny.
  8. You say it every year, but finish all of the existing projects in your knitting bag/sewing box before you start new ones. #neverhappening
  9. Finish some? Or rip them back/bin them? Just the ones more than 3 years old?
  10. Seeing as you once again forgot to apply for any and all graduate programmes, do not let September be a repeat of last June. Find your next great adventure before you finish this one. And have it be one you’re paid for.
  11. Stay blogging.
  12. Minimum 4hrs on thesis per week, every week from now until May. Obviously considerably more than that between May and September. Do not last minute this shit.
  13. Do not cut your hair.
  14. Do not cut your hair.
  15. Do not cut your hair.


Your optimistic New Years day self. Who has very little faith in you.

PS It felt sensible to start a new Instagram project on January 1st, #thesiscountup is upon us. Happy New Years!

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