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This weeks post is late (shocking, I know) because I swore to myself that my thesis work would be totally finished before I wrote it, and that didn’t happen until this morning. This is a call to action. By 5pm, December 24th (i.e. tomorrow), this whole site needs to be perfect. Everything from link to alignment issues, typos, missing images, window resizing, colours, and of course, most importantly, fonts. I need your help, I’ve been staring at these same seven pages for much too long now to spot them all. Embrace your inner Clodagh, be unnecessarily harsh.  Do your worst, I can take it. Comment, message me, tweet me, snap me, CRIT ME.Jan-Quote

This also means this will probably be the top post when the site is reviewed, so, hi Mikael! Please don’t read through too many of these posts, they do not reflect well on me or my work ethic.

Photography work is finished, 12 photos under the theme “Affordances”.

Videography work is finished, one short film based on “Behind Closed Doors” by Margaret Cahill.

Audio work is finished, one sound walk and one video soundscape.

All of the above has been reflected upon in some way.

Thesis work is finished, I’ve written up about as much as I know about my project so far. Next update coming January 2016.

The website will forever remain a work in progress.

This ticks all of my boxes for semester 1, so if you’ll excuse me, after spending much too long trying to work out how to word a the project I’ve was so very excited about for the past few weeks, I’m going to go pack a whole lot of festive joy into a very small space of time

Merry Christmas people, I will hopefully get another one in before the new year.

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  • Ciaran Phillips

    Given you criticized my font choice at startup weekend I thought I should take a look 😛

    Here are a few things I noticed, I’m sure there are reasons I’m wrong about some of them

    * ‘Skip to content’ link overlaps with the home image and is unreadable
    * Search bar goes off-screen on small screen sizes
    *Thesis section has underlined titles, but I didn’t notice the same type of title used anywhere else on the site
    * Hovering over the audio menu link causes the other links to move, it’s a little jarring
    * Some of the images you used on the homepage are massive, and loaded noticeably slowly for me because of it
    * Hamburger menu for your contact links is strange UX on mobile. I’d normally expect that icon to open the main navigation, which is already visible
    * It’s not clear what the thesis and blog icons mean. On desktop I can hover over them to find out, but that won’t work on mobile. It might be better UX to always display the text
    * Large amounts of text in images is generally a Bad Thing (e.g. the ‘Sound Design’ section)

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