Titles are Hard

I didn’t post last week for the plain and simple reason that didn’t want to. The last few posts have been fairly crappy and I didn’t want to add to that so I figured I’d just skip it. If you missed it during the week, I did post two pieces on the Audio page, one of my sound walk around UL (something I really enjoyed doing) and one of the soundscape for the upcoming video project, using stock sound effects. I have to admit, I’m getting really into the whole audio side of things. I am my no means the next big thing in music production, but I’m getting the hang of it and noticing the massive difference sound makes.

I currently have 6/7 projects on the go, but none of them are particularly big undertakings. I have made it to week 11 of the semester without ever having to be in college beyond six o’clock. I mean, I’ve been there, but I generally spend the last 2 hours on Facebook, or moving some <div> block on the site 5 pixels to the left, then deciding I don’t like it and moving it back. Coming in to the home stretch of my first postgrad semester, I’m lamenting those lazy undergrad student times I apparently missed out on. Spent 4 years working too hard.

The traumatic glasses switch over is looming ever closer. The frames have been chosen, the money has been paid and all that’s left to do is collect them on Thursday, and forever change my face. This is the last “new glasses” photo I had taken of me:

It was 2011. Before I did my Leaving Cert. The second time. That means everyone I met in college, and therefore the vast majority of my friends, have never seen me with other glasses. And my glasses are huge, both literally and figuratively. On Thursday I will cast away my You’S Amsterdam Model 754 (which they don’t make anymore), that have served me so well, and will be sporting Converse Model 23:

CONVERSE 23 Glasses by Converse

No, they are not the fucking same, they will never be the same

Or, thanks to Specsavers’ seemingly ever-lasting two-for-one offer, Red or Dead 105’s:

RED OR DEAD 105 Glasses by Red or Dead

I have a type, OK?

I am a little looking forward to having a new glass’ case though, I got my current babies in the opticians so they didn’t come with one, the poor Roxy case I have now has been in the wars since 2007. My bag is not a safe place, it’s full of knives.

This I’m happy with, I didn’t go off on some trite introspective tangent about how deep I am, (but…who am I? Who am I really?) It was light, non-pretentious, and this is what I’d like to write more of. It’s having all this time free to do nothing but THINK about things, it’s not good for me.