Life Begins at Week 4

I’m horrible person, so I can’t let this week slide without mentioning the fact that England are out of the world cup, that they are hosting, and that it is hysterical. (She says, knowing full well that we need to crush it against Italy today to avoid going the same way ourselves). There are a lot of economical ramifications to this that I’m sure are just awful, but still, its England. When something bad happens to English rugby, it increases happiness globally.

Oh deadlines, how I’ve missed you. Goals. Organisation. CALENDARS.

Current opinion on course: 90% great, 10% audio processing. FUCK ADDITIVE SYNTHESIS

The week wasn’t shaping up to be any different than my first three. The first due date for anything was Friday, but the teaching hours for both modules with assignments were cancelled for the week, because god forbid we deal with an essay and lectures at the same time. But I thought to myself, y’know what’ll put the pressure on? Not starting either of them until Thursday night. I’ve fallen into my leaving cert pattern of “why try for great when I know I can get decent for zero effort?”. It’s not how I want the masters to go down, but it at least gave me a chance to pretend that there is stress in my life. I whined, I sent snapchats of text-walls, I was pitied, and my attention-starved self has been satiated. For now.

My only deadline left at present is 8 weeks away, photography assignment. The module calls for a collection of photos under the theme “Affordances” , which is one of these fun concepts that can be applied to basically any object ever. This makes for the iMedia class’ first inside joke. (The random people you shout “AFFORDANCES” at when they try to pull a push door don’t find it so funny). I know I have nice shots of landscapes and animals filed around though, so I want to put together a full portfolio to put on the site. Everytime I open Lightroom to catalogue photos for this however, I get distracted by old pictures and inevitably end up on Instagram. Someday.

Artistic shots of USB connections, because affordances.

I am relatively certain the site building starts this week, provided we’re finished playing with green screens and giant lights. I have been given the address of my space on the server, my site currently looks like this. I’m know, you’re dying.

I just wanted a reason to use this GIF again.

I’ll put a permanent link to it in the side menu when I actually start working on it. Once I get started in Dreamweaver, I’m going to spend an unhealthy amount of time playing with it, but since my knowledge of coding currently amounts to beginners HTML, you can’t judge me if I’m thrilled with a list of links on a white page.