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Happy twentieth post to me!

First off, I want to congratulate (former? … no #pdt4lyf) classmate Cathal Redmond on not only winning the national leg of the Dyson Award, but also reaching the international short list. Am I writing this so I might show up in a few relevant google results? Yes. Is it true that I am ready to spit with jealousy? Also yes. But I’m sure a part of me is genuinely happy for you. And it’s a win for team UL. Which I’m on…

If you have no issue with my claiming partial to complete credit for your win, please don’t respond or react in any way.


In other news, I have a second week of postgraduate study down and there are still no projects in sight. And my obsessive self is not handling it well. Honestly, I’m bored. I don’t have work to stress over or studio drama to fall back on and I have very little to fill my days. I get that it’s the start of a new course, and for those whose didn’t come immediately back after undergrad, the warm up is probably necessary, but I was excited to come back to college for something to do, and so far it isn’t providing.

So in order to combat this, my brain said “GET INVOLVED IN ALL THE THINGS!” I am now writing as the I.Media class rep, the archery clubs first year rep and a prop & set designer for the drama society. We’ll see how this all goes when projects DO start, as it stands my Wednesday nights are already totally wiped out.

One of the first of these promised down-the-line projects is to build a fully functional website with Dreamweaver, which is fantastic news for The Wit Girl brand. UL is going to provide me with free hosting, and I am going to be able to throw off the .wordpress from my domain once and for all. I’m hoping to make the permanent move in early December and in the meantime I will continue posting here and you can watch me build the new site from the ground up. It’s not such fantastic news for the 50 odd business cards I have left, but hey, that’s what sharpies are for.

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