Normal Service Resumes In 3,2…

Long story short, there were a lot of things I thought were scheduled that it turns out weren’t. That said, I’ve known for a while that nothing was getting posted, but it wasn’t until I noticed this thing quietly judging me from the side of my Facebook feed that I decided it was time to break the silence.

In the past month I ended up back in my lovely sheltered student accommodation, acquired a provisional drivers license, graduated, moved back to college and made it very evident to myself that I am not ready to adult. Mostly because handshakes.

If I added up every handshake I’ve ever been part of, I’m pretty sure more than half have happened in the past week. It’s like the second they put a degree in your hand it becomes a thing that you do, but is consistently catches me off guard.  This results in weak-ass handshakes. The time and effort it takes for my brain to process the sight of an extended hand and extend one in return doesn’t leave enough processing power to grip and I fail. Every. Time. I want to go back to waving at people.

Anyhow, I shall be orientating (orientated?) tomorrow (no doubt something that will bring about many more handshakes), and as of Monday I will be back in the comfort of full-time education. Posting on Sundays will for the most part return as will the occasional Wednesday post. Seeing as the first didn’t post and I didn’t watch the last few episodes on time, recapping Runway is dead.

Until my next unfulfilled promise, total 180 or just flat out lie, au revoir.