Today I believe I determined what my FYP product is actually going to be, shit just got real. Literally. No longer is “my FYP” an abstract series of poorly planned research and ideation sketches of things powered by unicorn tears. It’s a real thing that I can plausibly build and people might actually consider buying.

So I hereby pledge commitment to a weekly Friday recap on all things FYP, as well as to the actual project.

After arsing around for two days (though I was in studio from at least 10-3 both days, so snaps for me), I met my supervisor, had a quick chat on requirements for the next presentation, got over excited and ordered things to turn into prototypes.

It wore off pretty quickly though. With the Logitech focus group on Wednesday afternoon, I felt justified in taking the entire day off. And the entire next day.

But today, I came back swinging and now know what I’m going to spend the next two weeks doing, before being shot down horribly in crit. Until then, all smiles

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