The Utter Sameness

I knew coming out here that NZ was the Ireland of the southern hemisphere,. “Era, sure it’s grand”=”No worries”, agriculture is still a big deal, and full of Irish people. But I wasn’t prepared for just how exactly the same things would be. Other than sun, which is still strange and alien to me.

This startling realisation occurred to me last Saturday, when, instead of being out bungee jumping or anything else the guidebook suggests, I was sketching products that will never exist for a project I’ve already lost interest in. Exactly what I’d be doing on an average weekend in Limerick. That’s the thing about peoples accounts of studying abroad, no-one mentions the study parts. I’m studying at the same level I would be at home and I spent ~14hrs a day on PD last semester. I had to quit the archery club, and basically all outside-PD friends. Where am I going to find time to spend on weekends away?

And even on these weekends away, a major part of NZ tourism is the impressive landscape. Ireland, like, invented using pretty views and clean air to lure holidaymakers.
I took the top one on Waiheke Island last week, the bottom at the Atlantic Challenge in Bantry in 2012. The only major difference is the shorts I was wearing when I took the one on the the top versus the 2 coats I was wearing for the other.

You know what, I retract whatever it is I’m trying to say here, that is a completely acceptable difference. Never mind, I’ve just wasted this post.

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