Future Kitchens

…or lack thereof.

The Electrolux focus I went with is Culinary Enjoyment, mainly because I have no interest in Air Purification and am very interested in Fabric Care, to the point that it’s what I want to look at for my FYP. The problem with Culinary Enjoyment, is that it requires a product that make cooking more entertaining, rather than just doing away with it, and technology is much better at making tasks disappear rather than making them fun.

Life is becoming automated and I think the idea of cooking when you don’t want to will be gone, easily, within 5 years. As it is, thousands of people live on restaurant, take out, and ready meals. Little bit of 3D printing and you can DIY-do nothing. The only people who will cook are the people who already enjoy cooking. But this attitude will not make for good product-designing, so,

Though not even vaguely recognisable from any of my sketching, I’m looking at a sort of eat now, cook later system. Which sounds completely backwards but it’ll work, I swear.

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