New Country, Same Course

First week back at the sketchbook for 2014, and despite the half-planet distance between colleges, the class stays very much the same.

The studio is weirdly broken up rather than the one giant communal space I’m used to, which I don’t love, but then I only like the the openness because of our little co-dependant group, who are all about 12000 miles that-a-way (points generally north-west.) *sob*
The first half of the semester in studio work is going to be spent on the Electrolux Design Lab competition, which, while a little too sustainability-concious in ethos for my liking, offers a pretty broad brief to work within.

“Practice in Context” turns out to be a research paper that can be on anything. It’s prep work for the FYP that the class here have to have done by the end of next semester. I have the luxury of 18 months to think about/work on it (it being the project, not the paper). That’s one of the major pros to coming here, it’s a sort of dress rehearsal for the first semester of final year. I get to start my FYP before I start my FYP.

My third class was supposed to be in Photography but my lack of a DSLR is, understandably, an issue, so I will be swapping that on Monday.

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