Sometimes I Wish I Had Free Time

So it happened again, I went a week without posting. It can this time be largely attributed to this monstrosity:

I swear it’s laughing at me

Remember when I posted at the end of the 50 concepts project, I mentioned that our next brief was injection moulded speaker housing? Remember how innocent and full of hope I was? It didn’t last long. Don’t get me wrong I am nowhere near the levels of depression and aimless rage I reached in such projects as: the cardboard chair(I tore that effing thing to pieces after grading), or the go-kart (THAT WE SHALL NEVER SPEAK OF!) But it’s not running as smoothly as it could be. For one thing I can’t draw it on paper, and for another, moulding it is going to be a complete pain. Final hand-in isn’t for another while but I’m behind schedule, and when you timetable your life like I do, diversion from schedule is not acceptable. I’ve got an Easter break coming up in which to get myself back on track and I shall go into it with as much optimism as possible. “Yay”.