Baby’s First Rendering

This semester (4th) was the first time we were introduced to using Adobe CS for design (same for Solidworks but I’ve been playing with that for the last 5 years). It was something I was looking forward to because I prefer doing things on the computer approximately 100% of the time. It depressed me hugely that I was not instantly amazing at it. After a couple of weeks learning Illustrator and week of colouring basic shapes, we were given a speaker image to reproduce in orthographic, due yesterday.

Speaker Original

Here’s what I handed in:


I like things that have a definitive right and wrong answer, I would keep tinkering with something subjective like this forever if I were left to it. There’s no way to be perfectly right, so I can never think of it as finished, no matter how many times I do it and re-do it. This means I will likely never be happy with anything I render on Photoshop ever. That’s a cheery thought.

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