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I am not a writer, I  have never been, I’m incapable of making it past a paragraph without turning it into an argument with some non-existent opponent. Great when I was debating, not so great when I was supposed to be writing essays on “The Theme of Love in Wuthering Heights”. Having left secondary school for a B.Sc (with an engineer-ingy feel) I thought I’d left my days of prose behind me, but no.

As part of my studies in Product Design and Technology, specifically the module Contemporary Design Culture, I am required to start this blog about my observations of design (actually I was required to start it 2 weeks ago, but shush). In all honesty, I’m horrified at the idea of it, but I shall endeavor to try, and provided you don’t mind asking yourself “who is she so angry at?”, this will hopefully be an interesting read.

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