Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers are something that, design-wise, have always bothered me. It’s a metal implement not unlike a scissors in appearance that one is expected to clamp down on their eyelashes with. Then hold it and don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead, or at least, blink and you’re eyelash-less.  Who’s idea was that? Google patents tells me it was Chables W. Stickel’s in 1928, and it hasn’t changed almost at all since. Except that now-a-days most have a spring in them, because putting something spring-loaded in your eye is always a good plan.

Regardless of whether it’s done up with pink plastic or it’s the particularly nasty looking object on the right  by Urban Decay, it looks surgical. It’s just a matter of whether its for “Biopsy Barbie” or a zoo vet.

It must work though, right? Why else would a product that looks like it was dreamt up by the Spanish Inquisition have stuck around unchanged for 85 years? Well yes, provided you’ve got an average shaped/sized eye, but as I was told by my lecturer in ergonomics, the average human doesn’t exist. My eyes aren’t even the same as each other not a mind to say as anyone else’s. This is something the Urban Decay beauty above claims to address, but I’ve never tried it and I think if I was given the opportunity, I’d sooner run screaming.

More recently, we have electric, heated curlers like this:

It’s like a hair straightener. Only for your eye. There’s no way that can go wrong…

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