It Starts

Hello, it has been 12 months and 4 posts since January 1st 2017, and it is time once again to look back on my resolutions and make some new ones. Working with children has meant I can’t be as public with my work as I like to be and the blog has suffered for that. At least that is the excuse I’m going with. This annual feature is probably the most consistent thing about me and I am going to cling to that.

Take 365 Photos of 2017

Obviously “photo a day” went out the window the second my life became school-netflix n’cry-sleep-repeat, but I did get some great shots during the summer and I adopted instagram stories in a big way, so I’m not counting this as a total fail. C+.

Hit 500 Insta followers

Blaming school again, but I’ve actually lost about 20 followers over the course of this year, and now I’m private, so it won’t be changing anytime soon.

Take Better Care of your Nails

Does paying a Vietnamese woman to do this for me count? To be fair I actually haven’t even been to see her since June…

My nails are fine.

Visit at least 5 new countries.

Hit 9 thank you very much.

New Phone, Laptop and Camera

Check, check and check.


Probably should have put a solid number on this to make it count but I didn’t so I can say yes to this without reproach.

Don’t slap, swear at or sass a child

I didn’t. At least not in an offensive way. Being sarcastic to children is the only thing that keeps me going these days, and if you say it quickly enough with a smile on your face it goes straight over their heads anyway.

Hold a handstand for a full minute

I put one of these in most years, and every time I completely forget about it until I’m writing this.

Still Blog

“I’m adding a caveat that, to be deemed successful at the end of the year, you have to have posted at least twice a month.”

Moving on…

Never apologise for not posting again

Screw you I like apologising. Without the apologies I’d have even less to write



If I add up all the bits I get about 6 out of 11. Plus I bought Louboutins, so as far as I’m concerned, life achieved.

To 2018, another year where a lot of things are going to change, but hey, who settles in their 20’s? This years #goalz for you(me) include:

Find a job you like

It ain’t this one.

Gain 10kg

Continuation of a long running goal to put back on all the weight lost to stress at the beginning of last year.

Reduce Phone time

Install one of those tracker apps and aim for less than 3hrs screen time a day.

Visit at least 3 new countries

Continue as you mean to…continue.

New ear piercing

It’s been nearly 2 decades since you had your ears pierced, and despite a pinterest board full of inspiration you haven’t had a new hole made in you since.

Start making again

Create 52 new things, photography, makeup, fashion, graphics, whatever just projects to stop you going insane.

Hit 500 Insta followers

Go back public and recover from the damage of having to protect childrens rights.

Start cooking regularly

You’re turning 25, grow the fuck up. At least once a week, make something that doesn’t involve the words “instant” or “frozen”.

Like more instagram posts

It’s free and makes people happy, make it rain double taps!

Don’t cut hair (again)

You did it once, you can do it again.

Hold a handstand for a full minute

If you keep writing it down, maybe one of these years it’ll happen

As always, I remain cautiously optomistic

The Day I Decided to Quit

27th October. A while ago now, but obviously I had some people to tell before I alerted the internet. Hashtag maturity and all that.

I’m getting out, heading back west, escaping while I’m still sane.

I have had my fill of children, and as of next year, after one last term here, I will (inshallah) be in an office/studio/lab, with grown ups…somewhere. My health, both physical and mental, is taking a serious hit from teaching, and no amount of money is worth being so incredibly unhappy. I hate this.

I still love the UAE, but it’s overhauled education system is still in its infancy and it’s too much for someone with zero class room management experience. The reason I have no class room management experience? Because that is not what I went to college for. The reason its not what I went to college for? Because I didn’t want to work with children. I have never wanted to work with children. I have never wanted to spend time with children. They’re so loud. And messy. And determined to hurt themselves.

I understand an entirely new education system for a whole country is going to have some kinks to work out, but these kinks are affecting my ability to do the job. When young women in engineering is a cause close to my heart, it’s very frustrating to know that I’m playing a role in ruining it for these girls. I’m sick of ‘managing’ and being told to  ‘do my best’, I want to be good at what I do. I’m sick of questioning how I got where I am, why I continue to be there and how in the name of god have they not fired me yet?

I am also sick of my natural hair colour and could never have anticipated how much I would want to pierce my entire head as soon as they told me I couldn’t.

So I am back on the market, officially seeking new opportunities, available as of April.


Three posts in one year? Slow the fuck down.

It is August 2017 and despite only working about 30hrs a week (and only 10 months of the year) I have been greatly neglecting what I see as my best bet for stepping into freelance/self employment. That’s you, blog.

Teaching was never the dream. But I panicked at the idea of being unemployed after 23 years of parental-ly supported education and here I am. Long term employment was never the dream. My short attention span and issues with authority don’t mesh well with it. If I want to get out of it I need to build up a portfolio and a network to be in a position where I can support my self. The blog and social media are the most effective way of doing that. Even if it weren’t reaching any audience, writing has been very good for me mentally in the past two years, but lately, (read: since last November) every time I sit down, open that “add post” page and look at the little cursor blink, I’ve got nothing. I haven’t done anything remotely creative in almost a year and I can’t tell if it’s because I’m stressed or why I’m stressed.

I need a project.

A post shared by Unspirational (@unspirational) on

If you don’t follow Unspirational on Instagram you totally should. If you’ve got me on Instagram (you totally should too) you might have noticed it sort of came back to life recently. I’ve been travelling and honestly my favourite part of the trip has been photographing it. While not everybody would consider Instagram a good motivation for experiencing the world, I have really enjoyed the challenge of getting a great shot from every location and I like having my success measurable via likes. I am very slowly realizing how much I love photography and questioning why I don’t do more of it.

I’m back in NZ right now for the actual holiday part of my summer holidays and I intend on spending it relaxing, but as of September…

My Autumn semester is going to be one with a routine, a routine where I make more time for creative projects and less for bingeing TV series and feeling sorry for myself because my phenomenally well paid job is a little tough. This post is, as so many of mine are, a declaration that the future will be different. I want to do better with the second half of 2017. Take my photography more seriously. Design more. Make more. Build more. Paint more. Post more. DO MORE.

Money and holidays or no, I can’t stay in my current job for longer than another 18 months, I don’t want to. By next summer I want to be in a position where I can be working for myself, even if I don’t make the jump right away, I want it to be an option, so that’s my first 2018 resolution down.

I swear to God I mean it when I say,

Write soon,


Resolutions Revisited

Notice how it’s always right after I say posting will go back to being “regular” that I disappear for months?

This time last year, I made a list of not-really-resolutions, it has come time to evaluate my success rate and set out my targets for 2017. 2016, twitter titled “dumpster fire” of a year, really didn’t suck that bad on this end. It was no 2014, but it was okay.

Stop pretending you post on Sundays.

Semi-achieved, I successfully dropped all Sunday related pretence, but continued to repeatedly lie about when I would post again.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Take Contemporary Art instead of Physical Computing.

Achieved. And an excellent choice it was too, see Flatpack Museum. Do not see Instabooth.

The face of misery

Don’t buy a new phone, you don’t need a new phone, what you need is money. Every 12 months is not a reasonable turnover.

Achieved. It has been slowly converting to being more tape than phone since April, but, almost 2 years after purchase, it is still my phone.

You and white wine are done-skis.


Keep the “Not to be opened until August 1st” sign on the bleach bottles. Your scalp needs the break.

Achieved. It’s January 1st and I have not bleached, granted it is because of employment commitments rather than any great consideration for my scalp or hair, but still.

Get your cholesterol checked. You eat literally a kilo of cheese a week, you’re probably dying.

Mission failed, still probably dying. But I would rather live 30 cheese filled years than 80 without it.

Rowing, running, fuck it, go back to ballet, but do something. The stairs in the CSIS do not qualify as exercise and your legs are getting scrawny.

Does 2 weeks of Pokemon Go count? That 30 years I’m giving myself may be an overestimation.

You say it every year, but finish all of the existing projects in your knitting bag/sewing box before you start new ones. #neverhappening


Finish some? Or rip them back/bin them? Just the ones more than 3 years old?

See above.

Seeing as you once again forgot to apply for any and all graduate programmes, do not let September be a repeat of last June. Find your next great adventure before you finish this one. And have it be one you’re paid for.


Stay blogging.

I shall leave this one up to the general public, I’m here now aren’t I?

Minimum 4hrs on thesis per week, every week from now until May. Obviously considerably more than that between May and September. Do not last minute this shit.

To be fair, this was never really going to happen.

Do not cut your hair.



I count 5 1/2 out of 13, which sounds bad until you remember that I wrote a Masters thesis this year, which was very stressful and then I got put on the Raspberry Pi blog and in MagPi. And here I am on the Adafruit blog. Oh look, links, you should click them and remind yourself that Clodagh is really clever and not a terrible lazy person at all.

This year, I think is important. I’ve said that a lot in recent years, what with NZ in 2014, finishing my undergrad in 2015 and finishing my Masters this year, but 2017 will finally mark the end of my 20 year slog in education. I’m moving from my very, very extended childhood to actual adulthood. From the Spring to the Summer of my years as it were. As such, here is my list of rules to the me that exists from now until Dec ember 31st 2017…

Take 365 Photos of 2017

You have already started this, posting a photo every day, but the plan is to pull off  every day of next year. If your existence isn’t documented on Instagram, it’s basically meaningless. But make them good photos, high resolution, well-shot and nicely edited.

Hit 500 Insta followers

Instagram is where you have found your social media home, having completely gone off Facebook and Snapchat in the past year, Insta is still a daily staple. Your tag game has improved immensely over #thesiscountdown, gaining over 70 followers in 3 months. And we saw the benefit of it with our new-found Raspberry Pi friends. Let’s put all the practice to good use.

Take Better Care of your Nails

We get it, your hair is your world, but now that it is no longer a multi-coloured tumble weed atop your head, it doesn’t require half as much attention. You could put the extra time to use benefiting humanity…or you could spend it on the long-neglected other bits of dead keratin growing out of you.

Visit at least 5 new countries.

What’s the point of living an hour away from one of the world’s busiest airports while having a glorious 12 weeks of annual teachers holidays, if you don’t take advantage of them? South east Asia is calling you…

New Phone, Laptop and Camera

Your phone is held together with tape. Your laptop doesn’t work if there’s a battery in it. And you still don’t own a DSLR. TREAT YO’SELF.


The last two points aren’t going to help this. #notaxtho

Don’t slap, swear at or sass a child

You are a teacher now, like, to actual children, and self-restraint is not one of your many talents. That sarky line in your head might be absolute gold, but ask yourself, will one-upping a 14 year old really make you feel like a winner? The answer is of course it will, but it’s completely irrelevant because in the time it took to “ask yourself”, you’ve already said it out loud. Just try not to get fired/arrested.

Hold a handstand for a full minute

What’s life without whimsy?

Still Blog

I’m adding a caveat that, to be deemed successful at the end of the year, you have to have posted at least twice a month.

Never apologise for not posting again

If you didn’t post, you didn’t post, get over it and move on. It’s annoying me, and I’m you.


You failed in 2015. You failed in 2016. But this time for sure.



Happiness is

This is really long, because apparently I still have a lot of internal scars and I decided to just go with the flow. If there’s one thing I can write at length about it’s how happy my time in product design made me. It is also horrifically dramatic, but so am I, and mental health being the hot topic that it is these days, I’ve just found this the most amazing realisation over the past few weeks.

What a difference 12 months makes. Thanks to Facebooks insistence on living in the past, as well as getting to question whether my friend Nicola and I were high all through secondary school, I’m getting to relive my FYP instagram countdown from last year day by day. It’s highlighting to me just how unhappy I was in my work last year, and how much happier I am this year. My FYP drained me. For about four months, it was all consuming and I wasn’t enjoying any of it. It twisted so far away from anything I saw it being and became an exercise in box ticking. The environment I was in was toxic, creatively (That’s right, I really just said that without irony).  And I captured every gloriously miserable day of it. It’s mostly the captions that put across how thoroughly destroyed I felt, but some of the photos are equally as depressing. Here’s the reason for the post, a really cute one from this week.


My hair was admittedly phenomenal though.

This was after a particularly unpleasant meeting with my supervisor, and is the point I gave up on creative integrity (again, no irony). I was tired of being angry all the time, so for the last two months I was just sad. I finished out all the parts of my FYP to the best of my technical abilities, but my heart wasn’t in it. I stopped fighting because I realised there wasn’t any point. It wasn’t just the FYP either, there were four years of something a kin to emotional torture that left me feeling consistently beaten.

The day solidworks won #fypcountdown #day78 #productdesign #selfie

A photo posted by Clodagh O Mahony (@yodaomahony) on

I find it hysterical that I still tagged it selfie. Never let despair stand between you and IG likes.

I’m not sure how to make this in anyway advisory beyond “don’t study product design, it will ruin your life”, but I do have a happy ending. Since September, I haven’t done anything I’ve hated (except report writing, but we don’t talk about the report writing). While it’s sad the bar is so low, it’s a massive leap forward. I’ve liked my module even though some of it overlaps with things I have covered and remember disliking. Guys, I’m talking critical and speculative design and all that other conceptual nonsense, like Dunne and Raby levels of nonsense. AND I AM LOVING IT. I’ve been proud of my submissions and enjoyed the time I spent working on them. Above all, I have been  working with tutors who are entirely reasonable humans, who don’t suffer from delusions of infallibility or anything (Yes CENSORED, that’s a dig).  My work is better for it, and I’m better for it. It turns out, I’m actually not that angry a person. I am still and always will be sarcastic, but I’m much a bit less mean about it now. I’m much less irritable in general. I am a lighter, brighter person. Although I’m still pretty mean. People are just too ridiculous not to pass comment.

Waking up dreading the day no longer feels normal. Because last year was not normal. It’s not normal to get up in the morning nauseous at the thought of going to college. It’s not normal to come home in tears. It’s not normal to hate how you spend 80% of your time in between. Fuck Product Design for ever making me feel like it was.

PD studio scores two points for not being air conditioned to minus twenty degrees and having its workshop located in the same building.

Disclaimer: I’m taking my fellow students in both cases out of the equation. So if anyone wants to get uppity about it, don’t. This isn’t about you. Not everything is about you. It’s about me. Because everything is about me.

No Post on Sundays

After months of fails, I actually have news and had to make a point of not posting last Sunday. I’m trying to work out how my post scheduling is going to work for the next while since every insert weekday here clearly doesn’t work, but I can’t be dealing with this hippy dippy “whenever I feel like it”. I will sort it out.  It probably won’t happen until I’ve finished rewatching Made in Chelsea though, and that won’t happen until I finish rewatching Sherlock. I will let you know.

The blog is going to move again. For the second time since transferring here, my MySQL host randomly deleted my database, which brings the whole site down. If you attempted to view anything between half 4 and 6pm on Sunday evening, you would have been met with “Error establishing database connection”. The host was nice enough to send me an email to let me know that they had erased all my information because reasons, and thankfully I am obsessive about my  1st of the month backups, so I set up a new database and had it all  up and running quick enough. The last time they wiped me it was the end of the month and the only way I could recover 2 posts was using The WayBack Machine to find cached pages and copy and paste the contents. If it were just the blog I’d be prepared to deal with the inconvenience for the sake of free hosting, but it’s not a risk I can take with the other pages which, until May, are grading criteria. I’m going to uninstall WordPress and redesign the richie server address using plain old static Dreamweaver. The blog will have to go.

You have to promise to stick with me though, because I’m going to go a little crazy and actually pay for hosting. With a dot com and everything. As of yesterday, I’m building another site. I’m building it offline because once I start paying I’m on a clock and I want to be able to upload a fully working site and have done with it. It won’t be until April I imagine, just in time for this site to be reviewed for the Spring semester. In the mean time I will see how we go, but I may move back to the old address.

LouboutinsThe new site will also conveniently time itself for use as an online portfolio in my search for employment/freelance work. Part of why I’m willing to part with cash over this is because I pretty much have my first six months hosting paid for through print sales on Redbubble and Society6. Someone bought a proper canvas of “Louboutins in Ink”. I figure with a bit of promotion, it’ll cover the costs.

So there you have it, a whole lot of “I don’t really know what’s going on”, but it’s in the awkward post-Christmas stage and I’m in my 20’s, how else am I supposed to be?


A letter to the me that exists from tomorrow until Dec 31st 2016,

As we leave 2015 behind us along with it’s ups and downs, we reach the time of year when people resolve to change things about themselves. Obviously, you don’t need changing, so these are not resolutions. They are rules.

  1. Stop pretending you post on Sundays.
  2. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Take Contemporary Art instead of Physical Computing.
  3. Don’t buy a new phone, you don’t need a new phone, what you need is money. Every 12 months is not a reasonable turnover.
  4. You and white wine are done-skis.
  5. Keep the “Not to be opened until August 1st” sign on the bleach bottles. Your scalp needs the break.
  6. Get your cholesterol checked. You eat literally a kilo of cheese a week, you’re probably dying.
  7. Rowing, running, fuck it, go back to ballet, but do something. The stairs in the CSIS do not qualify as exercise and your legs are getting scrawny.
  8. You say it every year, but finish all of the existing projects in your knitting bag/sewing box before you start new ones. #neverhappening
  9. Finish some? Or rip them back/bin them? Just the ones more than 3 years old?
  10. Seeing as you once again forgot to apply for any and all graduate programmes, do not let September be a repeat of last June. Find your next great adventure before you finish this one. And have it be one you’re paid for.
  11. Stay blogging.
  12. Minimum 4hrs on thesis per week, every week from now until May. Obviously considerably more than that between May and September. Do not last minute this shit.
  13. Do not cut your hair.
  14. Do not cut your hair.
  15. Do not cut your hair.


Your optimistic New Years day self. Who has very little faith in you.

PS It felt sensible to start a new Instagram project on January 1st, #thesiscountup is upon us. Happy New Years!

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Crit Me.

This weeks post is late (shocking, I know) because I swore to myself that my thesis work would be totally finished before I wrote it, and that didn’t happen until this morning. This is a call to action. By 5pm, December 24th (i.e. tomorrow), this whole site needs to be perfect. Everything from link to alignment issues, typos, missing images, window resizing, colours, and of course, most importantly, fonts. I need your help, I’ve been staring at these same seven pages for much too long now to spot them all. Embrace your inner Clodagh, be unnecessarily harsh.  Do your worst, I can take it. Comment, message me, tweet me, snap me, CRIT ME.Jan-Quote

This also means this will probably be the top post when the site is reviewed, so, hi Mikael! Please don’t read through too many of these posts, they do not reflect well on me or my work ethic.

Photography work is finished, 12 photos under the theme “Affordances”.

Videography work is finished, one short film based on “Behind Closed Doors” by Margaret Cahill.

Audio work is finished, one sound walk and one video soundscape.

All of the above has been reflected upon in some way.

Thesis work is finished, I’ve written up about as much as I know about my project so far. Next update coming January 2016.

The website will forever remain a work in progress.

This ticks all of my boxes for semester 1, so if you’ll excuse me, after spending much too long trying to work out how to word a the project I’ve was so very excited about for the past few weeks, I’m going to go pack a whole lot of festive joy into a very small space of time

Merry Christmas people, I will hopefully get another one in before the new year.

Over It

Shout out to the torrential rain, seeing as it’s trying so desperately to get everyones attention.

I am well and truly done with this semester, and there’s still a week left. Next Thursday cannot come soon enough.

I have stared into the depths of humanity, and come away, albeit a little bit broken, on the other side with a passable (well, we’ll find out in January, won’t we?) essay on the subject. “Tinder Made Me Do It – Technological Determinism vs. Social Constructivism, A Case Study”, is finished, and so too is the sociology module that I have battled so much with. It struggled to the bitter end though, taking a full five days to pull the last 1500 miserable words out of me. Any and all motivation for life I have ever had has left me. I just hate essays and journal papers so much, and there’s so many of them.

You may ask why someone with such a loathing for academic reading and writing wants to do a PhD. If I had an an answer to this question I would give it to you, but I don’t, so whisht. Dr. Clodagh O’Mahony simply must come to be.

You may also ask yourself why someone would share a post like last weeks on Linkedin. Truthfully, I forgot it shared there, but when it was pointed out to me Monday, I made the concious decision to leave it there. Partly because the damage was already done, and partly because any professionalism on my part would be totally fake. I’m good enough at what I do, if I were mature and professional as well it would be unfair to the other children. You might have noticed that I’m totally over the whole “feeling shame” thing from last week. My “attitude problems” are a very important part of me.

Fun fact, I still haven’t done much photography. Back in week 4 I made jokes about it getting to week 12 and I still wouldn’t have it done. Well, it’s almost week 15. Who’s laughing now, brain? You got one week left. The film is very nearly there though. I spent my yesterday dropping my recorded Foley effects, ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) and ambient noise onto the final cut, and after a few final edits…


…we will be good to go. And I won’t have to listen to recordings of myself calling “aaand ACTION” again for another few months at least. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of saying it, that was fun every time, but listening to the playback over and over to sync the audio effects with the guide was painful. Behind Closed Doors will be coming to a screen near you December 16th, provided you are near the Interaction Design studio in UL. Other than that I’ll have it posted here by Friday.

PS, I hope you appreciate the little pop-up on the “aaand ACTION” link, I spent a good three hours not photographing “Affordances” to work that one out. Instagram does not like to be put in an iframe.

I Survived PDT Ball 2015 (Kind of)

This is a second “worst hangover ever” post in a row, apparently my messy college days started in postgrad education. I know I said it months ago, but what I write next will really put the final nail in the “professional blog” coffin. I am not a grown up.

Look at her, with all her shit together

I’ve basically been in bed for three days. While physically I will recover, emotionally, I don’t think my pride ever truly will. There was wine, there was champagne, there was Bulmers, there was tequila, I think there was some Jager and there was definitely a whole lot of vomit. Don’t mix drinks kids.

I have a history of looking wasted in photos from the PDT ball,  whilst actually having been totally sober. This year I look half decent in all of my photos, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more out of it in my entire life. When nights with my product designers are so few and far between I’m disgusted with myself for being such a mess. And for not being able to remember much of it. To any of you who were present reading this, because apparently quite a few of you do, I want to apologise. I know you’ll tell me its fine, and not to worry about it, but I need to write it because right now the thought of actually facing and speaking to any of you makes me want to curl back into the little ball (oh god, don’t say that word) of shame that I’m only now starting to come out of. I’ll never be able to get back up on my high horse again.

My grand plans to get my photography finished this weekend pretty much went out the window the second I started drinking on Thursday, but two modules are now finished. After a week and a half  of procrastinating and developing a colourful snapchat story to illustrate how little work I was doing, the final hand-ins for Interaction Foundations and Digital Media Systems have been met.

I have to admit a small part of me will miss DMS. We got off to a very rocky start, and I’m still no fan of SuperCollider, but I respect it, and I swear I learnt more in those eight labs than I did in four years of PDT. I can confidently build most common synthesisers as Max patches, and I’m not scared of Physical Computing for Musical Interfaces next semester at all any more.

Photography will get done. As will my sociology essay (which, having tanked the midterm, needs to be exceptional), and the Foley effects for the video, and my finalised thesis proposal. I certainly won’t be drinking in the next ten days, or potentially the next ten weeks/months/years, so that should help.

Death by Start Up Weekend

You may have noticed that I did not post on Sunday, but if you’ve been following me for any length of time you will know that 80% of my posts start with an explanation of why I didn’t post on Sunday. This week I have my best excuse yet. I spent yesterday in a coma.

From 6 o’clock on Friday until a shameful hour Monday morning (10am, I got in from the after party at 10am), I was participating in a Start Up Weekend. A phenomenal experience and the most surreal couple of days. While team Beer Friends/Wisp/Evnt didn’t come out with any prizes, I got to spent almost 2 straight days working on my favourite thing in the world, presentation, I had a fantastic time, met a ridiculous number of people, ate well and drank considerably more than was healthy. If you have any interest in start ups, have an idea you want to see worked on, or just want a really fun (but exhausting) weekend, I definitely recommend finding one in your area. SW Limerick will be back in Spring 2016 and they have one confirmed attendee in me at least.

It is really hard to remember life before Start Up, but on Thursday we started filming for the video project with the help of 2 fantastic actors from UL Drama Soc, and we wrapped filming last night. (Apologies to my team for missing it, I just physically couldn’t cope.) The ADR session tonight will be the first real test of my abilities to run the sound side of things, and I promise to be on point.

Titles are Hard

I didn’t post last week for the plain and simple reason that didn’t want to. The last few posts have been fairly crappy and I didn’t want to add to that so I figured I’d just skip it. If you missed it during the week, I did post two pieces on the Audio page, one of my sound walk around UL (something I really enjoyed doing) and one of the soundscape for the upcoming video project, using stock sound effects. I have to admit, I’m getting really into the whole audio side of things. I am my no means the next big thing in music production, but I’m getting the hang of it and noticing the massive difference sound makes.

I currently have 6/7 projects on the go, but none of them are particularly big undertakings. I have made it to week 11 of the semester without ever having to be in college beyond six o’clock. I mean, I’ve been there, but I generally spend the last 2 hours on Facebook, or moving some <div> block on the site 5 pixels to the left, then deciding I don’t like it and moving it back. Coming in to the home stretch of my first postgrad semester, I’m lamenting those lazy undergrad student times I apparently missed out on. Spent 4 years working too hard.

The traumatic glasses switch over is looming ever closer. The frames have been chosen, the money has been paid and all that’s left to do is collect them on Thursday, and forever change my face. This is the last “new glasses” photo I had taken of me:

It was not a high production affair.


It was 2011. Before I did my Leaving Cert. The second time. That means everyone I met in college, and therefore the vast majority of my friends, have never seen me with other glasses. And my glasses are huge, both literally and figuratively. On Thursday I will cast away my You’S Amsterdam Model 754 (which they don’t make anymore), that have served me so well, and will be sporting Converse Model 23:

CONVERSE 23 Glasses by Converse

No, they are not the fucking same, they will never be the same


Or, thanks to Specsavers’ seemingly ever-lasting two-for-one offer, Red or Dead 105’s:

RED OR DEAD 105 Glasses by Red or Dead
I have a type, OK?

I am a little looking forward to having a new glass’ case though, I got my current babies in the opticians so they didn’t come with one, the poor Roxy case I have now has been in the wars since 2007. My bag is not a safe place, it’s full of knives.

This I’m happy with, I didn’t go off on some trite introspective tangent about how deep I am, (but…who am I? Who am I really?) It was light, non-pretentious, and this is what I’d like to write more of. It’s having all this time free to do nothing but THINK about things, it’s not good for me.

Welcome Home

Something look a little different? I have officially made the jump from to self-hosted. I would have done it sooner but installing WordPress on a server where you don’t have SQL privileges is incredibly annoying and took me a while to work out. But we’re here now so it’s all fine. If you keep up to date through Facebook/Twitter nothing will change, if you have me bookmarked or follow through WordPress or email you will have to update accordingly to the new site.

The layout will largely stay the same, at least between now and Christmas when I’ll have a lot of time off to mess around with it. Some of the colours might change, and I will hopefully populating all those empty pages with the stuff I’m being graded on.

Other than this transfer, it has been a largely uneventful week. I finally feel like I’ve got a workload to keep me busy and my class have cruelly tried to rip it away from me with talk of an extension. Actually not just talk, there was a vote and I was beaten. And then I, as class rep, had to suck it up and ask for it. I miss the days of studio where people listened to what I said, and more importantly followed my instruction. These iMedia people are capable of independent thought, blast them. It is probably a little early to insult any of them (or you, if you’re reading this as an iMedia person) openly, but I hate extensions, especially when we have so little going on. It’s may be immature to still be stung by this almost a week later, but this is my blog that was literally created for me to bitch on, so deal with it.

On the upside, I had people to be pissed at again, sense of normality at last.

To balance out all the new I’m bringing a whole lot of old, I’ve imported posts from old blogs of mine, back as far as the rubbish I wrote for the Contemporary Design Culture module in second year (2013). So feel free to have a read through that.

Side note: Can I get suggestions on better term for “iMedia person”? Like “product designer” used to work so well. What am I even studying to become? An interactive media-er?

Clodagh Cares

I declared that I wanted a thesis idea decided by the end of week 6, the end of week 7 is close enough. I will be working in the area of (drum roll please) …social wearables. I’m still a bit tin-foil hatty about it to go into detail just yet, but it is the perfect combination of fashion and anti-social behaviour. It is me in gadget form. And I’m really freaking excited about it.

I knew my thesis project would have to be something I would be interested in researching, rather than something I’m interested in doing, like my FYP was. I love altering clothes, but I never wanted to read ISO standards on the topic. Social interactions are interesting to me because they generally have no basis in logic and make fuck all sense. I’ve spent 22 years trying to work out why people do anything and come up blank.

The necessity of a compelling topic is not only for my sanity (that PDT has left me with just a shadow of) but for the sake of my degree. A grade is never a good enough motivator, for me at least. It’s why I half-assed, not one, but two leaving certs and why my bachelors degree says 2nd class honours. In the frankest way possible, I am really fucking intelligent. I have standardised aptitude test results to back that up. I can attribute a certain amount of the failure to translate it to academic success to my temper and “attitude problems”. But the misunderstood genius bit will only get me
so far. When it comes to caring I am all or nothing. It’s why the world cup exit hit me so hard (way harder than I expected, I apologise for the sap I posted last week), I don’t care about much, but when I care, I really care. If I love what I’m doing I’ll stay up all night without even noticing. If I don’t love it, and I mean love it, I’ll probably spend the same amount of time on it, but I’ll feel every second and it shows in the work.

This got really heavy and personal for the second week in a row, I’m having a bit of an identity crisis right now. I’m usually very secure in who I am and what I believe, but lately I’ve felt a bit floaty. Maybe if I write enough about my personality now I can read and recapture it when I feel more grounded. I haven’t been angry and stressed in a really long time. Specsavers have informed me I need new glasses and that’s going to change my whole face. I was looking at frames and all the ones I liked were nothing like the hipster goggles I’ve been rocking since ’10. What if my decision to stop dying my hair wasn’t me being hipster? What if I’m unwittingly rebranding as the most boring person in the world? The blog’s going to get shit.

All It Takes

I thought about pushing the post again,but realistically this isn’t going to hurt any less in the morning. If you’re not interested in rugby stop reading now.

It had to be too good to be true, didn’t it? I mean, we’ve never made it beyond quarter finals before, why would this year be different? But this year was supposed to be different. In to the last 10 minutes of the game, I was still thinking “It can’t end like this”. We’re better than that, but we can’t do world cups.

I could analyse moments of the game, but it’ll only upset me and I’ve already blubbed today. So I just want to say that not one of those players should feel ashamed of their performance today, least of all Ian Madigan. He’s already getting a bit of a doing and it is horrifically unfair. Up against the pressure of replacing “God’s gift to rugby” (I have long despised Sexton for reasons I don’t quite understand myself, but even some of his supporters must have found the media reaction to his injury a bit much?) he stepped up and played some incredible rugby. I had exactly one problem with Madigan and he shaved it off before the game. No one on the field gave me any reason to be anything but proud of my country. I can only ever ask their best of our boys in green, I believe they always deliver it and I have faith they always will. Irish rugby never says die.

Neither should the Scottish or Welsh sides feel any shame. I would have gladly followed either of them to the semi-finals had their result been different then ours. Both put on phenomenal performances and I wouldn’t wish what happened to Scotland on anyone. Not even England.

The southern hemisphere just proved a step above, and as the best of Europe leave the competition, so does my interest. I’ve tried to get hyped for the All Blacks, after all I have the flag and the jersey, but honestly, who cares? Whether New Zealand win it again, or South Africa win it again, or Australia win it again? (Argentina’s best to date is third, but I couldn’t stomach supporting them) There’s no joy in any of those outcomes for me, so I shall turn my attention to Pro 12

I will leave you with the things making me smile right now.

  1. Knowing that if it didn’t hurt this much then it wouldn’t be worth watching.
  2. This text from my mother:Screenshot_2015-10-18-20-25-42_1
  3. Knowing that in four years, we’ll do it all again in Japan, and I’ll don my green jersey, just as convinced that THIS is our year.