Google Startup Weekends

I have participated in two Startup Weekends to date, and fully intend to take part in more. I love working on other peoples ideas and in teams with people from different backgrounds with totally different views on how projects should be approached.

November 2015

For my first startup weekend I worked on Evnt, a web platform for venues to advertise events and for customers to find these events. My major roles on the team were creating mockups of the site and the slides for the final presentation. The name and function of the group changed a lot over the first day, working with a team of seven, with a split between designers and developers.


EvntPitch-4   EvntPitch-5








April 2016 (3rd Place Winner)

My second startup weekend was spend with team Wrisk. Wrisk used Fitbits to calculate insurance premiums and provide more clarity to both the insurer and the insuree. The team size was a much more manageable four, I was the sole designer on this team. Over the weekend I created a click through prototype of the insuree smartphone app using Invision, and was again responsible for the final presentation slides.





Flat Pack Museum



The Flat Pack Museum exhibition ran in the Hunt Museum in Limerick in March/April 2016. The purpose was to take the principles of flat pack furniture and use them to recreate an object from the museums historic collection.My piece was based on a maqutte of a Sybil Connolly gown, Blue Hyacinth.


The Blue Hyacinth evening gown maquette by Sybil Connolly appealed to me because I have a long standing love affair with pretty dresses, particularly anything with an over-the-top full, skirt. I designed the piece using soft papers and origami principles to try and recreate the folds of the fabric. It is made from three circles of paper and some double sided tape. The full scaled newspaper dress was an exercise to see if it was possible. It mostly was.



A photography collection around the theme of “Affordances”