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IMAG07761We’re back, the electives are chosen, the modules are registered, the thesis idea is locked in, semester 2 is officially a go.

And it’s all looking really well actually. Aside from an unbelievably awkward timetable that gives me lunch options of 10am or 4pm most days. Contemporary Art turns out to have been a fantastic choice. You forget how much you miss building things until you start talking about it. It’s been months since I put hands on a saw, screwdriver or even so much as a glue gun. Really looking forward to making things.

Elective number two is a bit of a shambles. It seems a lecturer has yet to be assigned, which was a bit disappointing for the at least 80 strong crowd that showed up last Monday morning to hear about Mobile Application Design. And then again on Tuesday evening. We’ll all just have to try again next week, third time lucky I suppose.

Core modules are both looking well too, with, I think, only one major essay on the horizon. Five days in and we’ve already had a trip out of the lab to take a wander round Georgian Limerick for a project in conjunction with the architecture department.

The thesis went from a fuzzy, distant concept to very, very real all of a sudden. Before Christmas, “I kind of want to work in this sort of area” was completely acceptable, now there’s very scary talk about literary reviews and prototypes being thrown around and I don’t know where any of it’s going to fit. Especially since I’ve developed a new obsession with BBC3 documentaries that pretty much takes all of my time right now.

The Best Post Title Ever

I swear I’ll stop with the non-titles from next week, but this stuff is hard.  Actually, between recovering from the plague and travelling back to Limerick, I don’t have a lot to write about this week, so lets make this quick.

Who has overgrown roots and a B in sociology? I DO!

Atrocious midterm aside, the grading gods (otherwise known as Colm) have decreed that I have enough of an understanding of technologies relationship with society to continue with my education. The horrifying Tinder essay was not in vain. Better even than passing sociology, however, was the doing better than that in every other module, putting my QCA at second-to-all-time high.

The overgrown root situation is a stickier wicket. It has reached a point that I am no longer prepared to live with, but I have no idea what to do with it. Whatever I do I’m doing it tomorrow. The decision will be made as I’m standing there looking at the boxes of dye, so I really can’t say much more about it right now. Looking forward to starting back in college and having something to whinge about.

Scheduling-wise, I think I’m going to post somewhere in the Thursday to Monday range, but I won’t narrow it down more than that. You can probably expect a post every Tuesday from now on then.

Enter Post Title Here

I’m not dead, not this time.

My brother infected me (I maintain intentionally) with what my mother claims was a cold, which led to issues with my sinuses. And this has been most inconvenient.

I tend to be a worrier, so I go about my life with anxiety nausea for sometimes days at a time. I’ve talked about my migraines before and after a few of them you learn to cope with pain. What I mean is, I can handle feeling shit without making too big of a fuss about it. But sinuses, man. They have the ability to render me the biggest baby on the planet. Without making you relive the entire episode, movement and I were incompatible for a total of nine days. And it has completely fucked a lot of things up.

I’m going to be a week late returning to Limerick, a trip that was supposed to happen last Monday. I have little to nothing to show for my thesis project, which I have of course grown to hate, and I think will change quite a bit once I get back in the lab and put a bit of time in to it.


#thesiscountup was completely derailed  after just 6 days because for more than half the time I’m supposed to have been doing it I’ve been in bed with nothing to take photograph. Last year, #fypcountdown really helped record how I was spending my time, but it only spanned the more interesting last bit where I was making stuff and I didn’t have to do any proper write up of my FYP. When I thought about it, the thesis is going to be pretty heavy on days where I just sit in front of a screen with a load of text on it. That doesn’t photograph well. No one wants to see that and I don’t want to fill my Instagram feed with shit. I want to concentrate my Instagram feed on the pictures that get the likes, heavily made-up selfies and paintings of pretty dresses. Last year I wasn’t blogging on a (semi) regular basis, so it’s not like I’m leaving myself with no record.

On an unrelated note, I’m putting doctorate plans on the back-burner. I have long known in my heart of hearts that I don’t want to do a PhD, I just want to have one. And that is not a good enough reason to sink a minimum of four years of my life into a project I don’t care about. Especially not four of the years where I’m still pretty enough to garner Instagram likes. I’m not saying never, just some time when it doesn’t feel like such a waste of life.

I think what I’m saying is I’m dropping out of college to become an Instagram model.

I don’t know how many of these decisions were made in  that feeling-miserable nihilism where you just can’t see the point of anything and how many of them will actually stick beyond a week but here is where I’m at right now. I’m pretty sure about the PhD bit though, not next year, I want to go actually design/develop/produce things for a while instead of just writing about it.

More positively, I’ve honoured one of my 2016 rules and switched my elective choice from Physical Computing to Contemporary Art in the Public Realm. I’ve signed up for 4 months of artsy bullshitting and I’m still feeling good about this decision. Whether I like it or not this is the industry I’m in and I need to learn to talk shite with the best of them. I’m becoming a better rounded individual. I’m so open-minded.

No Post on Sundays

After months of fails, I actually have news and had to make a point of not posting last Sunday. I’m trying to work out how my post scheduling is going to work for the next while since every insert weekday here clearly doesn’t work, but I can’t be dealing with this hippy dippy “whenever I feel like it”. I will sort it out.  It probably won’t happen until I’ve finished rewatching Made in Chelsea though, and that won’t happen until I finish rewatching Sherlock. I will let you know.

The blog is going to move again. For the second time since transferring here, my MySQL host randomly deleted my database, which brings the whole site down. If you attempted to view anything between half 4 and 6pm on Sunday evening, you would have been met with “Error establishing database connection”. The host was nice enough to send me an email to let me know that they had erased all my information because reasons, and thankfully I am obsessive about my  1st of the month backups, so I set up a new database and had it all  up and running quick enough. The last time they wiped me it was the end of the month and the only way I could recover 2 posts was using The WayBack Machine to find cached pages and copy and paste the contents. If it were just the blog I’d be prepared to deal with the inconvenience for the sake of free hosting, but it’s not a risk I can take with the other pages which, until May, are grading criteria. I’m going to uninstall WordPress and redesign the richie server address using plain old static Dreamweaver. The blog will have to go.

You have to promise to stick with me though, because I’m going to go a little crazy and actually pay for hosting. With a dot com and everything. As of yesterday, I’m building another site. I’m building it offline because once I start paying I’m on a clock and I want to be able to upload a fully working site and have done with it. It won’t be until April I imagine, just in time for this site to be reviewed for the Spring semester. In the mean time I will see how we go, but I may move back to the old .wordpress.com address.

LouboutinsThe new site will also conveniently time itself for use as an online portfolio in my search for employment/freelance work. Part of why I’m willing to part with cash over this is because I pretty much have my first six months hosting paid for through print sales on Redbubble and Society6. Someone bought a proper canvas of “Louboutins in Ink”. I figure with a bit of promotion, it’ll cover the costs.

So there you have it, a whole lot of “I don’t really know what’s going on”, but it’s in the awkward post-Christmas stage and I’m in my 20’s, how else am I supposed to be?


A letter to the me that exists from tomorrow until Dec 31st 2016,

As we leave 2015 behind us along with it’s ups and downs, we reach the time of year when people resolve to change things about themselves. Obviously, you don’t need changing, so these are not resolutions. They are rules.

  1. Stop pretending you post on Sundays.
  2. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Take Contemporary Art instead of Physical Computing.
  3. Don’t buy a new phone, you don’t need a new phone, what you need is money. Every 12 months is not a reasonable turnover.
  4. You and white wine are done-skis.
  5. Keep the “Not to be opened until August 1st” sign on the bleach bottles. Your scalp needs the break.
  6. Get your cholesterol checked. You eat literally a kilo of cheese a week, you’re probably dying.
  7. Rowing, running, fuck it, go back to ballet, but do something. The stairs in the CSIS do not qualify as exercise and your legs are getting scrawny.
  8. You say it every year, but finish all of the existing projects in your knitting bag/sewing box before you start new ones. #neverhappening
  9. Finish some? Or rip them back/bin them? Just the ones more than 3 years old?
  10. Seeing as you once again forgot to apply for any and all graduate programmes, do not let September be a repeat of last June. Find your next great adventure before you finish this one. And have it be one you’re paid for.
  11. Stay blogging.
  12. Minimum 4hrs on thesis per week, every week from now until May. Obviously considerably more than that between May and September. Do not last minute this shit.
  13. Do not cut your hair.
  14. Do not cut your hair.
  15. Do not cut your hair.


Your optimistic New Years day self. Who has very little faith in you.

PS It felt sensible to start a new Instagram project on January 1st, #thesiscountup is upon us. Happy New Years!

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