Crit Me.

This weeks post is late (shocking, I know) because I swore to myself that my thesis work would be totally finished before I wrote it, and that didn’t happen until this morning. This is a call to action. By 5pm, December 24th (i.e. tomorrow), this whole site needs to be perfect. Everything from link to alignment issues, typos, missing images, window resizing, colours, and of course, most importantly, fonts. I need your help, I’ve been staring at these same seven pages for much too long now to spot them all. Embrace your inner Clodagh, be unnecessarily harsh.  Do your worst, I can take it. Comment, message me, tweet me, snap me, CRIT ME.Jan-Quote

This also means this will probably be the top post when the site is reviewed, so, hi Mikael! Please don’t read through too many of these posts, they do not reflect well on me or my work ethic.

Photography work is finished, 12 photos under the theme “Affordances”.

Videography work is finished, one short film based on “Behind Closed Doors” by Margaret Cahill.

Audio work is finished, one sound walk and one video soundscape.

All of the above has been reflected upon in some way.

Thesis work is finished, I’ve written up about as much as I know about my project so far. Next update coming January 2016.

The website will forever remain a work in progress.

This ticks all of my boxes for semester 1, so if you’ll excuse me, after spending much too long trying to work out how to word a the project I’ve was so very excited about for the past few weeks, I’m going to go pack a whole lot of festive joy into a very small space of time

Merry Christmas people, I will hopefully get another one in before the new year.

Over It

Shout out to the torrential rain, seeing as it’s trying so desperately to get everyones attention.

I am well and truly done with this semester, and there’s still a week left. Next Thursday cannot come soon enough.

I have stared into the depths of humanity, and come away, albeit a little bit broken, on the other side with a passable (well, we’ll find out in January, won’t we?) essay on the subject. “Tinder Made Me Do It – Technological Determinism vs. Social Constructivism, A Case Study”, is finished, and so too is the sociology module that I have battled so much with. It struggled to the bitter end though, taking a full five days to pull the last 1500 miserable words out of me. Any and all motivation for life I have ever had has left me. I just hate essays and journal papers so much, and there’s so many of them.

You may ask why someone with such a loathing for academic reading and writing wants to do a PhD. If I had an an answer to this question I would give it to you, but I don’t, so whisht. Dr. Clodagh O’Mahony simply must come to be.

You may also ask yourself why someone would share a post like last weeks on Linkedin. Truthfully, I forgot it shared there, but when it was pointed out to me Monday, I made the concious decision to leave it there. Partly because the damage was already done, and partly because any professionalism on my part would be totally fake. I’m good enough at what I do, if I were mature and professional as well it would be unfair to the other children. You might have noticed that I’m totally over the whole “feeling shame” thing from last week. My “attitude problems” are a very important part of me.

Fun fact, I still haven’t done much photography. Back in week 4 I made jokes about it getting to week 12 and I still wouldn’t have it done. Well, it’s almost week 15. Who’s laughing now, brain? You got one week left. The film is very nearly there though. I spent my yesterday dropping my recorded Foley effects, ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) and ambient noise onto the final cut, and after a few final edits…


…we will be good to go. And I won’t have to listen to recordings of myself calling “aaand ACTION” again for another few months at least. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of saying it, that was fun every time, but listening to the playback over and over to sync the audio effects with the guide was painful. Behind Closed Doors will be coming to a screen near you December 16th, provided you are near the Interaction Design studio in UL. Other than that I’ll have it posted here by Friday.

PS, I hope you appreciate the little pop-up on the “aaand ACTION” link, I spent a good three hours not photographing “Affordances” to work that one out. Instagram does not like to be put in an iframe.

I Survived PDT Ball 2015 (Kind of)

This is a second “worst hangover ever” post in a row, apparently my messy college days started in postgrad education. I know I said it months ago, but what I write next will really put the final nail in the “professional blog” coffin. I am not a grown up.

Look at her, with all her shit together

I’ve basically been in bed for three days. While physically I will recover, emotionally, I don’t think my pride ever truly will. There was wine, there was champagne, there was Bulmers, there was tequila, I think there was some Jager and there was definitely a whole lot of vomit. Don’t mix drinks kids.

I have a history of looking wasted in photos from the PDT ball,  whilst actually having been totally sober. This year I look half decent in all of my photos, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more out of it in my entire life. When nights with my product designers are so few and far between I’m disgusted with myself for being such a mess. And for not being able to remember much of it. To any of you who were present reading this, because apparently quite a few of you do, I want to apologise. I know you’ll tell me its fine, and not to worry about it, but I need to write it because right now the thought of actually facing and speaking to any of you makes me want to curl back into the little ball (oh god, don’t say that word) of shame that I’m only now starting to come out of. I’ll never be able to get back up on my high horse again.

My grand plans to get my photography finished this weekend pretty much went out the window the second I started drinking on Thursday, but two modules are now finished. After a week and a half  of procrastinating and developing a colourful snapchat story to illustrate how little work I was doing, the final hand-ins for Interaction Foundations and Digital Media Systems have been met.

I have to admit a small part of me will miss DMS. We got off to a very rocky start, and I’m still no fan of SuperCollider, but I respect it, and I swear I learnt more in those eight labs than I did in four years of PDT. I can confidently build most common synthesisers as Max patches, and I’m not scared of Physical Computing for Musical Interfaces next semester at all any more.

Photography will get done. As will my sociology essay (which, having tanked the midterm, needs to be exceptional), and the Foley effects for the video, and my finalised thesis proposal. I certainly won’t be drinking in the next ten days, or potentially the next ten weeks/months/years, so that should help.