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Something look a little different? I have officially made the jump from to self-hosted. I would have done it sooner but installing WordPress on a server where you don’t have SQL privileges is incredibly annoying and took me a while to work out. But we’re here now so it’s all fine. If you keep up to date through Facebook/Twitter nothing will change, if you have me bookmarked or follow through WordPress or email you will have to update accordingly to the new site.

The layout will largely stay the same, at least between now and Christmas when I’ll have a lot of time off to mess around with it. Some of the colours might change, and I will hopefully populating all those empty pages with the stuff I’m being graded on.

Other than this transfer, it has been a largely uneventful week. I finally feel like I’ve got a workload to keep me busy and my class have cruelly tried to rip it away from me with talk of an extension. Actually not just talk, there was a vote and I was beaten. And then I, as class rep, had to suck it up and ask for it. I miss the days of studio where people listened to what I said, and more importantly followed my instruction. These iMedia people are capable of independent thought, blast them. It is probably a little early to insult any of them (or you, if you’re reading this as an iMedia person) openly, but I hate extensions, especially when we have so little going on. It’s may be immature to still be stung by this almost a week later, but this is my blog that was literally created for me to bitch on, so deal with it.

On the upside, I had people to be pissed at again, sense of normality at last.

To balance out all the new I’m bringing a whole lot of old, I’ve imported posts from old blogs of mine, back as far as the rubbish I wrote for the Contemporary Design Culture module in second year (2013). So feel free to have a read through that.

Side note: Can I get suggestions on better term for “iMedia person”? Like “product designer” used to work so well. What am I even studying to become? An interactive media-er?

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