Death by Start Up Weekend

You may have noticed that I did not post on Sunday, but if you’ve been following me for any length of time you will know that 80% of my posts start with an explanation of why I didn’t post on Sunday. This week I have my best excuse yet. I spent yesterday in a coma.

From 6 o’clock on Friday until a shameful hour Monday morning (10am, I got in from the after party at 10am), I was participating in a Start Up Weekend. A phenomenal experience and the most surreal couple of days. While team Beer Friends/Wisp/Evnt didn’t come out with any prizes, I got to spent almost 2 straight days working on my favourite thing in the world, presentation, I had a fantastic time, met a ridiculous number of people, ate well and drank considerably more than was healthy. If you have any interest in start ups, have an idea you want to see worked on, or just want a really fun (but exhausting) weekend, I definitely recommend finding one in your area. SW Limerick will be back in Spring 2016 and they have one confirmed attendee in me at least.

It is really hard to remember life before Start Up, but on Thursday we started filming for the video project with the help of 2 fantastic actors from UL Drama Soc, and we wrapped filming last night. (Apologies to my team for missing it, I just physically couldn’t cope.) The ADR session tonight will be the first real test of my abilities to run the sound side of things, and I promise to be on point.

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