Monday posts will not become a habit

I should have written early yesterday, but I didn’t, and last night I hadn’t much in my head beyond Ian Madigan’s right foot and the look on Paul O’Connell’s face when he tried to stand up after that hamstring injury.

I’ve started with Dreamweaver, and I’ve found the great love of my life. I can’t communicate how much joy this little clip brings me.

Sequence 01

Ignoring the quality of the GIF

Coding is so much more enjoyable when you’re doing it with a purpose. I can literally come up with anything I want those little pixels to do and then try and work out a way of making it happen. It’s incredibly gratifying to see the site do the same thing on screen as it does in my head. I’ve added a link to the menu on here so you can find it easily from now on, but I’m probably going to talk about it a lot and post a bunch of screenshots in the blog too. Realistically this is how I’m going to spend most of my life forever.

IT’S OCTOBER! I mean, it was October the last two times I’ve posted as well, but still. October is the month where face painting is socially acceptable for the over sixes. AND THAT’S ME. If you’re following me on instagram you’ll have seen some of my stuff, and there are more to go. There are at least five more on the pin board I want to try and if anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them. I am technically, kind of qualifying this as college work because aside from the artistry involved in the makeup itself, I’m also practising my photography and Adobe skills. Because by the way, I edit the shit out of those photos.


Before and after Lightroom


When you take it at the wrong angle. Actually I really like this photo, but from the side all the shading is basically wasted. (OK, I wanted an excuse to post it)

Yes, removing the earphones is too much to ask.

This should come under the long forgotten Wednesday theme, but this post was short and I’m in too good a mood to bitch about audio production now and those are sort of all the things I have in my life. If I remember to take in progress shots (and save them, not just send weird snapchats) of the next one I’ll make it a WWP post. Or if you just want the snapchats, add yodaomahony, and get many more videos of my computer screen.

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