All It Takes

I thought about pushing the post again,but realistically this isn’t going to hurt any less in the morning. If you’re not interested in rugby stop reading now.

It had to be too good to be true, didn’t it? I mean, we’ve never made it beyond quarter finals before, why would this year be different? But this year was supposed to be different. In to the last 10 minutes of the game, I was still thinking “It can’t end like this”. We’re better than that, but we can’t do world cups.

I could analyse moments of the game, but it’ll only upset me and I’ve already blubbed today. So I just want to say that not one of those players should feel ashamed of their performance today, least of all Ian Madigan. He’s already getting a bit of a doing and it is horrifically unfair. Up against the pressure of replacing “God’s gift to rugby” (I have long despised Sexton for reasons I don’t quite understand myself, but even some of his supporters must have found the media reaction to his injury a bit much?) he stepped up and played some incredible rugby. I had exactly one problem with Madigan and he shaved it off before the game. No one on the field gave me any reason to be anything but proud of my country. I can only ever ask their best of our boys in green, I believe they always deliver it and I have faith they always will. Irish rugby never says die.

Neither should the Scottish or Welsh sides feel any shame. I would have gladly followed either of them to the semi-finals had their result been different then ours. Both put on phenomenal performances and I wouldn’t wish what happened to Scotland on anyone. Not even England.

The southern hemisphere just proved a step above, and as the best of Europe leave the competition, so does my interest. I’ve tried to get hyped for the All Blacks, after all I have the flag and the jersey, but honestly, who cares? Whether New Zealand win it again, or South Africa win it again, or Australia win it again? (Argentina’s best to date is third, but I couldn’t stomach supporting them) There’s no joy in any of those outcomes for me, so I shall turn my attention to Pro 12

I will leave you with the things making me smile right now.

  1. Knowing that if it didn’t hurt this much then it wouldn’t be worth watching.
  2. This text from my mother:Screenshot_2015-10-18-20-25-42_1
  3. Knowing that in four years, we’ll do it all again in Japan, and I’ll don my green jersey, just as convinced that THIS is our year.

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