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Since going unprofessional it really has been a matter of time before I took my first steps into the wildly over saturated world of fashion and beauty blogging.

The fashion industry has an input in everything I do. I’ve always loved clothes, buying them, making them, drawing them, wearing them and drooling over the ones I will never have. I have an incredibly cheap and DIY approach to beauty and I get literally all of my info from the internet. My hair and face have each had their fair share of household products that were never meant for the hair and face smothered on them.

Before I type another word, let me say that I have nothing even remotely like any cosmetology training. I’m just a woman  with a B in leaving cert chemistry, who has read a lot about hair, watched A LOT of hair-related YouTube videos and tried a bunch of stuff. Not all of it has worked. Doing anything you read about here without looking it up elsewhere is not something I advise stupid, it’s stupid. I frequently damage myself in the name of science.

I wanted to pick a day to do one post in the girly vein a week and give it a cute alliterative name. I couldn’t think of one, so I’m using Wednesdays. If nothing clicks with you regarding the post title at this point, I’m going to need you to leave the blog, because I’m afraid we can’t be friends.

I was going to start with (guess who’s about to renege on another blogging promise?) the process of my next hair change, but I want to stagger it a week later. The whole thing is going to be three posts, so three weeks. I don’t want the actual colour reveal to happen before the 26th, because when I rock up in Limerick for graduation, I’m going for shock factor. The posts will be written as I do each bit, but you will be reading it about a week late. Instead for this, the inaugural WWP (We Wear Pink, see?) post, I’m going to answer a question I get asked pretty often. How do I still have hair on my head?

1. The most honest answer I can give here is that my hair is thick. Hella thick. I have asked my hair to put up with a lot over the years and put up with it it has. It’s the reason it takes 6 years to dry, it’s the reason I need three times as much of any product I apply and it’s the reason my room has a second carpet. Its weight is the reason for many a headache. However, it’s also the reason it can take so much punishment.

2. COCONUT OIL. I throw in some tea tree(it smells nice and is anti-bacterial) and rosehip (…I found a bottle of it) oil and use it on my hair and face. Yet another reason Kylie Jenner is ruining my life. The secret of coconut oil is slowly being revealed to the world, so now instead of being able to buy massive tubs in the supermarket for €6, it comes in smaller pots for fifteen. For this reason I recently gave up on making sure it was virgin and started buying refined stuff. I have noticed absolutely no difference, and I feel stupid for ever caring about it. (This one might not be because of Kylie, but I’m going to blame her anyway.)

3. I only wash once every 14 days. I’ve never washed my hair more than once a week, but about 2 years ago I started stretching, and over the course of about 6 months I brought it up to around two weeks. The longest I’ve ever gone is 22 days. Yes, it was gross. In between I mostly leave my hair alone, maybe a rinse with cool water if it dried at a funny angle or something. When I do wash, I’m pretty awful to my curls and I do use sulphate shampoos. I intend, one day, to go sulphate free, but it won’t be while I dye. I’m better at going without silicones, since I found the Alberto Balsam range, which are cheap, smell great and no ‘cones. It is a Unilever brand though, which may be an issue for people. Fortunately, I have no social conscience.

Aside from that I heat style maybe twice a year and never brush or blow fry. Is my hair damaged? Yes, I bleach it two/three times a year. Do I consider the damage worth matching my hair to my shoes? 100%, no question.

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