Kylie Jenner is Ruining my Life


If you thought these were erratic before, they’re about to get so much worse. It’s the end of the summer, which involves a lot of extended-family time for me, and I have a big-ass extended family. My next few weeks will be less about “Doing Stuff” and more about clinging to the last vestiges of what I like to think of as sanity.

Remember back when I started and I was taking a step to becoming a grown up every day? Before I reverted back to being 15? Well I actually have one of those this week, I took and passed my driver theory test. Although seeing as that’s something most people do at 15, I might not be able to count it. Anyway it happened, I have a new found hatred for pedestrians and soon I shall be that little bit more self-sufficient.

In other grown-up news, I’ve started searching for some place to live in Limerick for when I go back in September. I’ve spent the last four years in sheltered on-campus apartments, but that won’t be possible this year so I going out in to the real world to find a room. The great thing is that as a postgrad female, I am a commodity. I am a much more preferable tenant than some first year business student who’s never lived away from home before. Hurray for profiling! Little do they know, while I might not get out much, I’m going to stain the shower horribly. Which brings me on nicely to my next order of business…

A question mark that has been hanging over me since I finished college is what colour my hair goes next. There’s a lot of pressure on what colour my hair is for graduation, since the picture is sort of iconic and WILL be going on the wall. This, combined with the fact that I might be a little bit hipster and everyone is dyeing bright these days (Thank you Kylie), is making finding a colour très difficile. I finally made a decision. I’m going to do a whole thing about this in the next week (I actually mean it this time, the post is already written) but in the meantime, I don’t include nearly enough pictures in my blog, so here is as much of my hair history as I can find photos of:

Some of these are awful shots but very few photos of me between the ages of 2 and 20 exist.

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