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I feel like I just wrote one of these, where is the time going?

I actually spent a lot of this week on YOU people. I’ve prewritten some posts that are much longer than my usuals (because they’re mostly about my hair) and provided tomorrows post doesn’t bring about a hail of abuse, I will be bumping up to three posts a week for the next while.

Would you allow me one small indulgence? Can I start recapping reality shows? Specifically Project Runway, seeing as it’s come to be such a big part of my blogged life?

I was reading ANTM Funny’s recaps of last week’s premiere of that (even if you’ve never watched an episode of ANTM in your life, highly worth a read) and I realised how much of the stuff that I have long ridiculed in Tyra Banks’ desperate cry for attention is now present in my beloved PR, which also had it’s season premiere last week. I know there are PR recappers out there, and if you can point me in the direction of a good one (by which I mean sarcastic, not like, actually knowledgeable) please comment/message me, but they are not me and this is my blog. So I’m going to start by doing the first episode tomorrow and we’ll see how we go.

The house hunt has been ongoing, and I’m making very little progress. The real estate market moves too quickly for my poor commitment-phobic brain. I probably won’t end up homeless, but not knowing where I’m going at this point in the year is stressing me out quite a bit. Worse is the not knowing who I’m going to live with. Why is this so hard?

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