Like You Didn’t Know

This week is a bit of a “State of the Blog” address rather than a recap. I somehow managed to spend most of this week on celebrating my birthday, which should have lasted two days tops (my birth warrants more than one days acknowledgement) I’d like to take this opportunity to commend everyone I know on the fact that I turned 22 without a single person referencing Taylor Swift.

In case the Project Runway rant last week didn’t give it away, the help-get-me-hired element of this blog has escaped me for the past while. The Masters has sort of bought me 12 more months, and even though that is an awful, immature and irresponsible way to think, this blog would be a lot more fun if I just went ahead and dropped all pretence of professionalism.

This is a fairly nothing statement, because as I’ve already said, the employment air to the blog dissipated a while ago, but as of now this is just a personal blog with a portfolio attached. I am no longer considering it a professional representation of myself. I guess this is really just me publicly acknowledging and vocalising (or whatever the typed equivalent is) that this has happened. My work will still feature pretty heavily, as I imagine from September on it will once again be the primary facet of my existence. In the meantime, I hope you look forward to all the posts about reality television and my hair.

And y’know what, if you are a potential employer, this is me. TAKE ME AS I AM!


Wait, no, I’m sorry, come back, I can change.

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