Like You Didn’t Know

This week is a bit of a “State of the Blog” address rather than a recap. I somehow managed to spend most of this week on celebrating my birthday, which should have lasted two days tops (my birth warrants more than one days acknowledgement) I’d like to take this opportunity to commend everyone I know on the fact that I turned 22 without a single person referencing Taylor Swift.

In case the Project Runway rant last week didn’t give it away, the help-get-me-hired element of this blog has escaped me for the past while. The Masters has sort of bought me 12 more months, and even though that is an awful, immature and irresponsible way to think, this blog would be a lot more fun if I just went ahead and dropped all pretence of professionalism.

This is a fairly nothing statement, because as I’ve already said, the employment air to the blog dissipated a while ago, but as of now this is just a personal blog with a portfolio attached. I am no longer considering it a professional representation of myself. I guess this is really just me publicly acknowledging and vocalising (or whatever the typed equivalent is) that this has happened. My work will still feature pretty heavily, as I imagine from September on it will once again be the primary facet of my existence. In the meantime, I hope you look forward to all the posts about reality television and my hair.

And y’know what, if you are a potential employer, this is me. TAKE ME AS I AM!


Wait, no, I’m sorry, come back, I can change.

Project Piperlime accessory wall

I just realised I didn’t post last week, I went from a short post, promising an elaboration that never happened, to taking a vacay (It’s a real word, it’s in the goddamn Oxford English Dictionary). But hey, I not only left the house last week, I left the county, aren’t you proud of me?

The Project Runway effort is still going strong, which I’m sure you were dying to know.

It may not be career advancing, but it’s a fairly all consuming hobby. As the GIF might suggest, I am on season 9, and at a point where Joshua is the only vaguely interesting person left in the show. When you watch them all at once the shows dramatic drop in quality (and dramatic rise in product placement) is painfully obvious, and I say this with season 11 still ahead of me. They cast a bunch of crazies who obviously won’t win, let them cause drama for the first 9/10 challenges, then leave you with people so relieved to be free of the crazy that they’re all boring and friendly. The exception being season 8 where they went ahead and gave the prize to the psycho #teammondo (actually, you know what, no. #teamandy, that guy got completely ignored in the whole Gretchen-gate debacle, despite his magnificent hair, that only got more glorious as the series went on). I might have to throw in a cycle of ANTM to make myself feel better about this.

In the world outside of reality TV I am working through some Code Academy in an effort to not go into my Masters degree blind. Coding is a little tedious but also very logical (well, duh) and I can see myself not hating it for the next 12 months, so that’s encouraging. Provided I can keep my “issues with authority” (read: inability to take direction from people I don’t like respect) in check, I have the potential to do really well in this thing.

I appear to have finally stopped the compulsive drawing/painting. Which I’m pretty happy about, it felt unhealthy to be knocking out 6 watercolours a day.


Afterthought: All this looking for pictures of his hair has revealed that Andy South is now Ari South. Her hair is still fantastic. It’s also revealed that I have four extra seasons to watch, I forgot All Stars existed. I don’t know how I feel about this.

Short and Sweet

I’m going to be brief, because I’m writing to you, dear reader , from my sick bed. Which is just like my regular bed, but with more self pity. I’m in my second day of a migraine that I’m pretty sure is a result of my valiant attempt to crash all 13 seasons of Project Runway before it comes back next month. That’s a lot of screen time. I will hopefully elaborate with another post in the coming days but in the meantime I figured I better put something up for the sake of continuity.

Points of note include:

  • I got accepted for a Masters in Interactive Media, and suddenly my life has meaning again
  • The Dyson awards entry deadline passed. I don’t know how many Irish entries there usually are, but 34 for the whole country doesn’t seem like very many.