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Do Stuff Recap Week 3

Monday: It’s not really a “do stuff”, because all the action took place almost two months ago, but Monday was results day. I may not have the piece of paper in my hand yet, but I can call myself a qualified designer and start signing B.Sc after my name. Since second year I’ve said my goal was to finish with a QCA of at least 3.0, which I managed, pretty comfortably.

Tuesday: I finished my video and entered for the Dyson award (Already covered here)

Wednesday: I spent most of the day obsessively checking the Dyson site and getting progressively more worried that my project wasn’t up yet. Especially when projects that have to have been entered after me (the videos had been posted in the last few hours) were up. It did eventually happen.

Thursday: I spent about four hours straightening my hair. I don’t straighten my hair, there is a reason I don’t straighten my hair. It doesn’t like it, I don’t like it, but apparently ironing makes my hair more respectable. Actually, respectable isn’t the word that was used, “acceptable” is. Like it being straight somehow makes it not blue. The worst part is it’s stuck flat until I wash it again.

Friday: Dun Dun Dun, Masters interview (the reason for the hair ironing). I blanked after the word hello, which definitely made a great impression. I then followed it up with a bunch of rambling tangents during which I described myself as stubborn, controlling and over-ambitious. And no, he didn’t ask for weaknesses. Though, oddly, I’m left with the impression that I’ve got this one.

Saturday: The roads will never be safe again, I booked my driver theory test. Something that I was going to have done before my 18th birthday so that I could get driving lessons as a present. Better four years late than never.

Sunday: Can writing this count as something ? I mean there’s a new series of Suits to be watched, I can only do so much

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