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I don’t  like micro-posts, and that’s what a daily would be, because as interesting as I may think I am, my life is very slow-paced and routine (for now)

So, Sunday nights, #dostuff will be posted in a sort of “week in review” format. Enough to keep me on track with the whole “no zero days” attitude, but without asking people to click a link every goddamn day to two lines of text that are just rephrases of “Look at this pretty picture I made”

To business, this is week two of my life as a very bored graduate

Monday: I rejoined the world of the barely fit a went for my first run since August. I think I nearly died and my legs hurt for three days afterwards, but the the views were good and I remembered how fun it is to obsessively track progress on Runkeeper and Fitocracy.

Tuesday: I put my newly acquired stick-man-waving capabilities to use, along with some also newly acquired After Effects motion graphics skills and started a video for my entry to this years Dyson award.

Wednesday: I applied for my first big girl job. Well, graduate programme, but they needed a CV and everything!

Thursday: I finished my print portfolio for interviews. 24 pages succinctly illustrating why I’m fantastic. It, along with my CV are available on request.

Friday: I won’t lie to you, I binged OITNB. I’m so happy to have Red back in my life.

Saturday: See above.

Sunday: I left the house and saw people who weren’t in my immediate family for the first time since I came home from college. I went to Lidl and it’s making my weekly highlights.

Truly living the dream.

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