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Wondering How I Spent 2 Years

In my CAO, I specifically chose courses that didn’t require it. In second year, I scraped a bit together to get my study abroad placement in NZ. But I’ve never sat down to put together a proper, professional, please-consider-hiring-me-so-that-I-don’t-starve PORTFOLIO.

The job, in my head would involve going through hundreds of pages and thousands of files to determine what I was most proud of. Not so.

It turns out all the work I’ve been bitching and moaning about since late 2011 may never have happened, because I’m coming out of college with not very much to show for it. My Final Year Project is is there in all its 200 sketch pages, 4GB of data glory, but that’s one project. I feel like a portfolio should be more than that.

The major project from first semester of third year is reasonably well recorded too, but  it’s like the first two years never happened. I have all the folders set up nicely, but they’re empty. I can’t even remember how we filled most of the time. I know I complained a lot about how busy I was…but was I?

Was I really no busier than any college student? Was I just being a whiny teenager? Am I still being a whiny post-teenager? Am I being melodramatic? Am I having an existential crisis? Can I ever come back from this?

My portfolio is now live on this site, please-consider-hiring-me-so-that-I-don’t-starve

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