Grad Life


Since I didn’t really live at home 10 months of the year, my room here made the jump from liveable to storage container pretty quickly. My plan to work independently from home until a job drops from the sky is currently hindered by the fact that what used to be my desk is not an unstable pile of everything, and yet nothing. The people from Pawn Stars would probably spent big money on my room. They’d also lose big.

Reclaiming the desk and space around it is forcing me to face the harsh reality of getting rid of some of my precious, precious stuff. This is hard for me, and has led to much internal argument. You never know when you’ll need small cut-offs of modelling foam.  What if my other two black cardigans are in the wash? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY SHOES!

A decent workspace, for me, is going to require quite a lot of space, and quite a lot of storage. And room for my sewing machine. It should have space for my dremel set up too, and it’s basically worthless without a glue gun holster. Maybe a cup holder.

Summer design project 1: Create that.

Oh studio, how I took you for granted!

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